Letter to Congress Signatories: End Bush Tax Cuts for Top Incomes

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Co-Sponsored by Business for Shared Prosperity and American Sustainable Business Council

Signatories follow text of letter below - more than 600 to date

Dear Member of Congress,

We, the undersigned business owners and executives, urge you to oppose any efforts to extend the Bush tax cuts for income over $250,000.

In the last decade, we have been cutting taxes on the wealthiest Americans and underfunding vital programs to pay for them. Large and growing budget cuts have had a severe impact on business, particularly micro and small business and job creation – reducing funding for infrastructure improvements, community economic development programs, housing, job training and much more. America’s failing infrastructure is starved of funds and falling further behind our global competitors. These cuts have hurt America’s small- and medium-sized businesses and our communities.

Huge tax cuts for the richest Americans have not trickled down to increase small- and medium-sized business investment, broad based consumer purchasing power or job creation. More budget busting tax cuts for the top won’t help Main Street, won’t lead to business innovation, more hiring, or more people being educated for the jobs we have and can create.

As businesses owners, none of us hire more employees simply because someone gives us a tax cut. We hire more employees when our customers demand more of what we have to sell. When a teacher, firefighter or construction worker building public infrastructure loses his or her job, many of us also lose a customer.

Those who claim that tax cuts help small businesses are guilty of identity theft. Less than 3 percent of tax filers with any business income make over $200,000 (individuals) or $250,000 (couples) per year, and many of those are not small business owners, much less small business owners with employees. They include K Street lobbyists, Wall Street investment partners, big business CEOs paid to sit on the boards of other big corporations, and wealthy people renting out their vacation homes.

The high-end tax cuts are hurting our economy. It’s time to end them, not extend them. This would be an important step in rebuilding an economy that grows our small businesses and middle class.

David Levine, CEO, American Sustainable Business Council
Holly Sklar, Executive Director, Business for Shared Prosperity

Signatories List In Formation - By State*

Diane Lemon Knight, Treasurer, Emperor Investment LLC
Fayetteville, AR

John Barrett, Business Manager,
Phoenix, AZ

Judy Brengi, CPA, Brengi & Jordan, PC
Phoenix, AZ

Shukyo Mithuna, Marketing Director, Green Elephant Marketing
Prescott, AZ

John Neville, Chairman Emeritus & Co-Founder, Sustainable Arizona
Sedona, AZ

Stephanie Rogall, Retired CEO, On Call Human Resources
Sun City West, AZ

Miriam Weber, Owner, Miriam Weber
Tucson, AZ

Vinit Allen, Director, Sustainable World Coalition
San Anselmo, CA

Kate Amon, Owner, Kate's Caring Gifts
Fremont, CA

Nikhil Arora, Co-Founder, Back to the Roots
Oakland, CA

Erin Axelrod, Programs Manager, Daily Acts
Petaluma, CA

Leslie Baker, Attorney, Law Office of Leslie M. Baker
Los Angeles, CA

Peter Barnes, Co-Founder, Tomales Bay Institute
Point Reyes Station, CA

Glenda Barnhart, Owner, Bay Area Bikes
Oakland, CA

Chris Bartle, President, The Evergreen Group
Greenbrae, CA

Vinod Bhardwaj, CEO, FoneWeb Inc.
Atherton, CA

James Bill, Architect, ZIA [zero impact architecture]
San Anselmo, CA

Ann Blake, Founder & Principal, Environmental & Public Health Consulting
Alameda, CA

Russell Blalack, Owner, AlterTone Music
Cupertino, CA

Jody Bolton, Partner, TC Associates
Walnut Creek, CA

Rinaldo Brutoco, Founding President & CEO, World Business Academy
Santa Barbara, CA

Duane Byrd, Owner, Byrd Acupuncture
Soquel, CA

Lisa Chacon, CFO, Hub Oakland
Berkeley, CA

Barbara Chan, Certified Management Consultant, Barbara Chan Consulting
El Cerrito, CA

Nat Childs, Owner, Childs' Play
Miranda, CA

Pamela Consear, Owner, HandyGal
Oakland, CA

Robert Cummings, Owner, Station Cafe
Montgomery Creek, CA

Fred Dew, Professional Engineer, Consultant
Altadena, CA

Paul Dewey, Owner, Dewey Engineering Services
Poway, CA

Rick Drain, Founder and CEO, Longsplice Investments
Redwood City, CA

Pierrette Duriez, Owner, Pierrette's of Sonoma
Sonoma, CA

Jane Engelsiepen, Owner, View Studio
Carpinteria, CA

John Fagot, President, Airblasts, Inc.
Toluca Lake, CA

Kevin Flynn, Principal, Flynn & Assoc., Inc.
El Cerrito, CA

Allen Foster, Interior Designer, Red Tree Studio, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Deborah Frangquist, Owner, Chosen Futures
San Francisco, CA

Kate Godfrey, Co-owner, El Rancho Industrial Park, LLC
Palo Alto, CA

Larry Gold, President, Aldik Home
Van Nuys, CA

Harry Hagaman, President, Green Design Systems
Healdsburg, CA

Susan Harris, Owner & Principal Consultant, Leadership & Strategy for Sustainable Systems
Oakland, CA

Carol Hayek-Miller, Retired, Investor
San Ramon, CA

Barry Hermanson, Former Small Business Owner,
San Francisco, CA

John Heymann, CEO, NewLevel Group
Napa, CA

Mark Houghton, Owner, LA Sound and Picture Studios
Los Angeles, CA

Kip Howard, Former CEO (retired), Navis LLC
Larkspur, CA

James Hubbard, Options Trader, investor
Los Angeles, CA

Brad Hubbell, President, Hubbell Daily Architecture + Design
Fairfax, CA

Sheldon Hughes, Principal, Capricorn Consulting Group
Belvedere, CA

Frances Hulse, Writer, Fran Hulse Creative
Mill Valley, CA

Harold Isbell, retired, investor
San Francisco, CA

David Jaber, Principal, inNative
Oakland, CA

Betony Jones, Founder and Principal, Fourth Sector Strategies
El Cerrito, CA

Jim Jungwirth, CEO, Jungwirth, Blackburn and Associates
Hayfork, CA

Bakari Kafele, Owner, BioDiesel Hauling
San Pablo, CA

Alex Kahl, Owner, Kahl Consultants
San Rafael, CA

Ann Kanter, Owner, Kanter Immigration Law Office
Sacramento, CA

Michael Katz, Principal, Albion Multimedia
Berkeley, CA

Dr. Mha Atma S Khalsa, Owner, Khalsa Chiropractic
Los Angeles, CA

Michael Kieschnick, CEO, CREDO Mobile
San Francisco, CA

Louanne Klein, Owner, Distance Learning Consulting
Lafayette, CA

Kervin Krause, Vice President, AGSJ LLC
Fullerton, CA

Elizabeth Krueger, Consultant, Self-employed
San Francisco, CA

Jim Lansing, Principal, SFMG
San Francisco, CA

Horst Lehrheuer, Managing Principal, Common Goal Group
Mountain View, CA

Kenneth Levin, Director, Gaijin Ink
San Diego, CA

Tony Littmann, Owner, Littmann Remodeling
Oakland, CA

John Loughlin, Technology Prognosticator, Ruby White Enterprises, Inc.
San Diego, CA

Pierre Loving, Program Manager, CARAT
Oakland, CA

Kane Mantyla, Managing Member, Float Matrix
Berkeley, CA

Mark McLeod, Board Member, Sustainable Business Alliance
Berkeley, CA

Angela Mogin, Attorney, Law Firm
Redwood City, CA

John Montgomery, Chairman, Montgomery & Hansen, LLP
Menlo Park, CA

Virginia Morrison, President, Collaboration Specialists
San Anselmo, CA

Allan Moskowitz, Certified Financial Planner, CFP, Affirmative Wealth Advisors
El Cerrito, CA

Jim Neptune, President, Neptune Engineering
Clovis, CA

William and Clarita Nolan, Principals, PhotoMagicArt Greeting Cards/ Insurance
Browns Valley, CA

Paul Paez, Co-Owner, Maggie's Tapas
Los Angeles, CA

Richard Parker, Owner / President, 450 Architects ,Inc
San Francisco, CA

Heather Picard, Owner, Equinox Landscape
Petaluma, CA

Heidi Pickman, Communications Director, CAMEO - California Association for Micro Enterprise Opportunity
San Francisco, CA

Roger Pritchard, Principal, Financial Alternatives
Berkeley, CA

Robert J. Ransom, Jr. - ChFC, Chartered Financial Consultant, Insurance
Petaluma, CA

Jorge Rebagliati, Owner, Quest
Santa Rosa, CA

Ken Robinson, President, Climate Pro
Long Beach, CA

Eben Rosenberger, Owner, EbenBrooks.com
San Diego, CA

Penelope Sallberg, Executive VP, CVPGjobs
Pasadena, CA

Rob Seltzer, CPA
Malibu, CA

Jeane Shepler, President, Realty Transacts, Inc.
San Diego, CA

Leslie Sheridan, Publisher & Editor, The Carpe Diem Voice
Clearlake, CA

Dorothy Simmons, Owner, Simmons Natural Bodycare
Bridgeville, CA

Bruce Sims, Owner, Senior Service Council
Escondido, CA

Lisa Smith, Sole proprietor, Psychological Services
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Karen Solomon, CEO, Opportunity Green
Los Angeles, CA

Michael St. John, Principal Consultant, St. John & Associates
Mendocino, CA

Justin Sternberg, Managing Director, Continuum Industries
San Francisco, CA

Brian Stewart, Owner, BP Stewart & Co., Contracting
McCloud, CA

Judy Stolen, Owner/partner, Chico Map Works, LLC
Chico, CA

Susan Swan, Owner, Swan Employment Law
Carlsbad, CA

Donald Taylor, President, Continental-Pacific Lumber
Gold River, CA

Alan Thiesen, Vice-President, Digital Research (retired)
Nevada City, CA

Robert Townsend, Sole Proprietor, Walk-In Chiropractic
Oakland, CA

Burr Tyler, Owner, EcoCraft Cabinetry
Berkeley, CA

Mike Vasconcellos, Owner, Diamond Property Management
San Ramon, CA

Esther Wagner, CFO, Excellent Packaging & Supply
Richmond, CA

Nancy Wahl-Scheurich, CEO, LittleFootprint Lighting
Santa Cruz, CA

Mal Warwick, Founder * Chairman, Mal Warwick | Donordigital
Berkeley, CA

Long Beach, CA

Teresa Welborn, Managing Member, Lobelia Properties LLC
San Francisco, CA

George Wilson, CFO, Rexchange, Inc.
Mountain View, CA

Andreas Wittenstein, President, BitJazz Inc.
San Geronimo, CA

Susan Worthman, Principal and Founder, Change-o-Lator, LLC
Oakland, CA, CA

Paul Adams, President, Earth and Sky Architecture
Denver, CO

J Barbour, Manager, IPSY LLC
Denver, CO

David Butler, Owner, Nascent Equity, LLC
Westminster, CO

John Dinkmeyer, Owner, NeverSummer Studio
Grand Lake, CO

Nicolette Dumke, Owner/Author, Allergy Adapt Inc
Louisville, CO

Michael Ehlers, President,
Boulder, CO

Willis Gravelle, Consultant, Majestic Ventures LLC
Carbondale, CO

Blake Jones, Co-Founder, Namaste Solar
Boulder, CO

Armin Mitchell, Publisher, Colorado MMJ Daily
Denver, CO

Mike Mohr, President, Mohr Associates Inc.
Aspen, CO

Kelli Nelson, Owner/President, Dynamic Living Enterprises
Fort Collins, CO

Dean Raffelock, Dr. Dean Raffelock, Raffelock and Associates
Boulder, CO

Alisa Spirit of the Wind, Principal, Sacred Space Designs, LLC
Arvada, CO

Tatyana Stevens, Analyst, Better Green Design
Basalt, CO

Chris Buck, Vice President, Buck's Ice Cream
Milford, CT

Martin Cobern, VP, R&D, APS Technology, Inc.
Cheshire, CT

Ken Coscia, International Training Director, Silva International
Farmington, CT

Douglas Imhoff, Pres, Heritage Kitchens, Ltd.
Stamford, CT

Gary McMahon, Information Technology Analyst, investor
Newington, CT

Warren Ransom, Managing Partner, Abaeterno Partners LLC
Darien, CT

Robert Siblery, President, retired, PeleGroup
Riverside, CT

Raj Aggarwal, President, Provoc
Washington, DC

Mike Englert, Owner, Eighty2degrees LLC
Washington, DC

James Epstein, Chairman, EFO Capital Management, Inc.
Washington, DC

Allison Johnson, CEO and President, Metamorphosis Global Advisory
Washington, DC

Kimberley Jutze, Founder, Shifting Patterns Consulting
Washington, DC

Eunyoung Kim, CEO, Synapse International
Washington, DC

Julie Paez, President, The Big Bad Woof
Washington, DC

Lorette Picciano, Executive Director, Rural Coalition
Washington, DC

Fran Teplitz, Executive Co-Director for Business, Investing & Policy, Green America's Green Business Network
Washington, DC

Daniel Turner, President, TCG
Washington, DC

Eva-Maria von Bronk, Real Estate Broker, Eva Realty, LLC
Washington, DC

Ellen Rice, Owner, Ellen Rice Gallery
Ocean View, DE

Jason Scott, CEO, Prestwick House
Clayton, DE

Mary Allen, Vice-President, J. Arana Corp.
Sarasota, FL

James Colen, Managing Member, Golden Anchor Trading
Cooper CIty, FL

Nancy Deren, owner, Nancy Deren Financial Coaching
Gainesville, FL

Lia DiGiacomo, Co-Owner, B2B Therapy
Seminole, FL

Dean Galloway, Owner, Desktop Pictures
Tallahassee, FL

Hazel Henderson, President,author, Editor in Chief, Ethical Markets Media
St. Augustine, FL

Steve Imhof, Owner, Coastal Property Innovations, LLC
Lynn Haven, FL

Carla Jimenez, Owner, Inkwood Books
Saint Petersburg, FL

Harold Kardeman, Retired Co-Owner, Karpen Steel Products
boynton beach, FL

Deborah Lamb, Retired Owner, Deborah S. Lamb DBA Lambscapes
Miami, FL

Alison Lueders, CEO, Great Green Editing
Lutz, FL

Michele Norris, COO, Carbon Offset Partners US, Inc.
Tampa, FL

Edward Phillips, Owner, self
Bradenton, FL

C Post, Owner, PostProductions Audio
Miami, FL

Cliff Rhodes, retired,
Ormond Beach, FL

Jay Rozner, Owner, Independent Contractor
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Richard Salter, CFP, Rtsalter Financial Services, inc.
Port St. Lucie, FL

Morley Schloss, Board President, Sunsport Gardens, Inc.
Loxahatchee Groves, FL

Sharyn Scull, owner, retired, Sherry Scull Marketing & Copywriting
St Augustine, FL

Evan Trumbull, Owner, Dark forest entertainment llc
Gainesville, FL

Dan Wolf, President, Southern Eye Clinic for Animals
Tampa, FL, FL

Maureen Carroll, President, Creature, LLC
Atlanta, GA

John Clark, President, Twelve Foot Guru LLC
Jonesboro, GA

Herbert Eber, President, Psychological Resources, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

Pete Gordon, President, Gordob Builders, Inc.
Norcross, GA

Ellen Leiby, Title, Escrow, Closing Company, The South Mountain Group, Inc.
Savannah, GA

Darren Nelsen, Director of Development, Imagination Site, LLC
Roswell, GA

Bryant Smith, Real estate investing
Stone Mountain, GA

Gloria Faltstrom, Owner, Shaklee
Kaneohe, HI

Brian Hughes, Member, MB Technologies, LLC
Honolulu, HI

Jesse Law, Owner, Sustainable Island Products
Hilo, HI

Jean Manly, Treasurer, Gamma Corporation
Honolulu, HI

John Rogers, Owner, Affordable Portable Housing
Kailua, HI

Troy Beek, President/ Owner, Ideal
Fairfield, IA

David Hempel, Former Owner, Eble Music Co
Iowa City, IA

Sue Ravenscroft, Professor & Commercial Property Owner, Ravens' Croft
Ames, IA

Paul Tarnoff, Partner, Art to Go
Fairfield, IA

Thomas Keenan, Owner, GrassRoots
Coeur D'Alene, ID

Scot McGavin, Co-Owner, Puentes Language Programs
Boise, ID

Katherine Noble, Landscape architect, Katherine Noble & Associates
Hailey, ID

Dave Smith, Farm and Ranch Manager, tvbg
Boise, ID

Christina Thomure, Consultant, The Resource Workshop
Victor, ID

Eric Anderson, Owner, Corn Bred Films
River Forest, IL, IL

Joe Barry, President, S.E.S. Electric Sales
Elburn, IL

David Borris, Founder/Owner, Hel's Kitchen Catering
Northbrook, IL

James Brandt, Board Member, Ringspann Corp.
Franklin Park, IL

Brett Fraser, Owner, BeachWatch LLC
Loves Park, IL

Daliah Fritz, Business Manager, Conifer Research
Chicago, IL

Nevena Georgieva, Business Owner, TheHitBid Company Inc
Homer Glen, IL

Pamella Gronemeyer, Owner, SEMC Pathology
Glen Carbon, IL

Paul Haider, Doctor, Chicago Family Health Center
Chicago, IL

Alice Hoffman, President, Hoffman Management Partners
Chicago, IL

Kathleen Hogan, Co-founder & Co-owner, Heartland Cafe
Chicago, IL

Brandon Hovey, VP, Amafruits
Orland Park, IL

Karen Kaplan, Owner, New Leaf Interiors
Skokie, IL

John Lyman, Owner, Paper Free Programs
Evanston, IL

Sharon Matusiak, owner, Wolf Creek Studio
Marion, IL

Thomas McAuliffe, CEO, Sentiam, Inc.
Bensenville, IL

Kathryn Mueller, Owner, Best of Both Worlds Family Childcare
Streamwood, IL

Scott Pfeiffer, Managing Partner, Threshold Acoustics LLC
Downers Grove, IL

Joe Pinder, Owner, Pinder Pottery
Galena, IL

Ann Riehle, Owner, A. Riehle Original Costumes
Monee, IL

Aarti Sharma, Founder and Managing Director, Sustainable Value Alliance
Woodridge, IL

Joe Spoon, Owner, Joe Spoon Metalsmith
charleston, IL

Jason Turuc, CEO, Grassroots Maketing
Wonder Lake, IL

Linda Tyson, Owner, South Suburban Garden Girl
Flossmoor, IL

Matt Van Slyke, Pres./Owner, Green Agents. Ltd.
Grayslake, IL

Jan Weinstein, President, AWC Industries
Chicago, IL

Jim Jachimiak, owner, Square Deal Contracting
Franklin, IN

M Brent Pittman, Owner/Partner, HCM associates inc
Brownsburg, IN

Duke Snyder, Executive Director, LocalMotionIndy
Indianapolis, IN

Mark Stucky, Senior Content Developer, KMC Controls
Elkhart, IN

Doug Stecklein, President, Odyssey Painting Inc.
Olathe, KS

Suzanne Accorsi, Sect./Treas., Pal's Lounge
New Orleans, LA

Geoff Coats, Owner, Zande+Newman Design
New Orleans, LA

Jodie Manale, REALTOR, GREEN, Keller Williams Realty 4550100
Metairie, LA

Mike Massey, President, Masseys Outfitters
New Orleans, LA

Camille Moran, Owner/President/CEO, Caramor Industries, L. L. C.
Natchitoches, LA

Steve Morrow, Owner/Consultant, NOLA Merchant Services, LLC
New Orleans, LA

Paul Troyano, Owner, Living Furniture
New Orleans, LA

Hannah Banks, Principal, Harrison-Banks
Newton, MA

Lynn Biddle, Investor,
Cambridge, MA

Gregory Caplan, Owner, Green Home Carpentry & Design
Jamaica Plain, MA

Orange, MA

Lisa Di Pietro, Owner, The Pet Cabaret
Roslindale, MA

Dorothy Emerson, Treasurer, Rainbow Solutions, Inc.
Medford, MA

Jack Finn, president, A2Z Science and Learning Store
Northampton, MA

Roger Freeman, President, Solventerra
Hingham, MA

Shel Horowitz, Owner, GreenAndProfitable.com
Hadley, MA

Michael Kanter, President, Cambridge Naturals
Cambridge, MA

Reena Kling, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Reena Kling, Psychotherapy
Jamaica Plain, MA

Susan Labandibar, President, Tech Networks of Boston
Cambridge, MA

Deb Limanek, shopkeeper, The Glass Heron
Westboro, MA

Richard McCarthy, President, JJR Transport LLC
Gardner, MA

Dick McLeester, CEO, VisionWorks
Greenfield, MA

Catherine Melina, Principal (Retired), Melina/Hyland design group
Cambridge, MA

Paul Peckham, Owner, All Natural Distributors, Inc.
Foxboro, MA

Joseph Rotella, President, Spencer Organ Company, Inc.
Waltham, MA

Tedd Saunders, President, EcoLogical Solutions Inc.
Boston, MA

Cambridge, MA

Bryan Sheehan, President, SymboSus Sustainability Consulting, Inc.
Southborough, MA

Chuck Sherwood, Principal, Community Media Visioning
South Dennis, MA

Harvy Simkovits, President, Business Wisdom
Lexington, MA

Holly Sklar, Executive Director, Business for Shared Prosperity
Boston, MA

Peter Smith, Principal, Global Urban Solutions
Newton, MA

Rachael Solem, Owner and General Manager, Irving House
Cambridge, MA

David Starr, Co-founder, Berkshire Natural
Florence, MA

David Stirling, President, Stirling/Brown Architects
Winchester, MA

Jon Tepper, President and Founder, J. Tepper Group
Newton, MA

Sidney Topol, President, The Topol Group LLC
Boston, MA

Mario Troiani, IT Consultant, MIC
Newton, MA

Mordie Weintraub, President, Tel-Affinity Corporation
Needham, MA

Jan Whitted, owner, Artbeat
Arlington, MA

Paul Wildnauer, President, Great Scapes Nursery
Mattapoisett, MA

Michael Alexander, President, Conscious Planet
Clinton, MD

Takoma Park, MD

Daisy Barquist, CFO, CSO, Healthy Planet, LLC
Baltimore, MD

Helene Brown, Financial Planner, Raymond James
Glen Echo, MD

Raymond Carrier, Former Owner/President, Green Rider LLC
Baltimore, MD

Brian Gette, CEO, Zero Chroma LLC
Baltimore, MD

Irwin Hoenig, Owner, Living Calmness
Laurel, MD

Jason Holstine, President/CEO, Amicus Green Building Center
Kensington, MD

Kensington, MD

Mike Kennedy, Sustainability Cooperative, GreenSavings.Coop
Bethesda, MD

Ivan Makfinsky, Owner, Endosys, LLC
Silver Spring, MD

Stacy Miller, Project Director, Farmers Market Coalition
Cockeysville, MD

Robert Morris, Owner, RKM Productions
Bethesda, MD

joe neri, research, ajn research
north beach, MD

Roland Oehme, President, Green Harmony Design
Towson, MD

Abigail Rome, Owner, Tierra Vista Tours & Consulting
Silver Spring, MD

Sandra Zylberman, Owner, HarborWest Design
Owings Mills, MD

Peter Esterquest, Owner, Maine Therapeutic Touch
Falmouth, ME

Stephen Perrine, DBA, SC Perrine Painting
Woolwich, ME

Mike Shunney, Owner, Inner Works Center
Rockland, ME

McCabe Ash, Owner, Graphic Art Wholesalers
Ann Arbor, MI

John Bardsley, Vice President, Wilderness Adventure Books
Manchester, MI

Doug Barthel, Owner, Auriginal Design
Metamora, MI

Jim Kasprzak, President, Kaz Technologies
West Bloomfield, MI, MI

Katherine Lesse, Owner, Abracadabra Jewelry
Ann Arbor, MI

Susan Miller, Owner, Susan B Miller, PhD
Ann Arbor, MI

Jere Stormer, President, Stormer Creative
Ferndale, MI

David Vandeveld, Owner, Vanton Industries
Gladstone, MI

John Ziech, Owner, Morningbird Studio LLC
Grand Rapids, MI

Nancy Breymeier, Owner, Strategic Financial Group LLC
Mendota Heights, MN

Susan Edgington, Owner, Adventure Inn
Ely, MN

Audrey Fairchild-Ehm, Owner, Fairchild-Ehm Foster Care
Roseville, MN

John Finazzo, President, Lipari Renewables, Inc.
Orono, MN

Mark Gleason, Owner, Mark S Gleason CPA Ltd
Richfield, MN

Nancy Gruver, CEO, New Moon Girl Media
Duluth, MN

Robert Kocik, designer, Robert Kocik
Austin, MN

Susan Kulstad, Owner, Adroit Solutions
Minneapolis, MN

Ben Kyriagis, Small Business owner, Small Business Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

Jennifer Lanham, Owner, Your Trusted Assistant, LLC
Saint Paul, MN

Steven Mayer, Consulting Evaluator, Effective Communities LLC
Minneapolis, MN

Shawn McBurnie, Owner, Nettercap Productions
Minneapolis, MN

Diane Norland, CEO, Wholelifeleadership
North Mankato, MN

Richard Patten, Owner, Patten Associates
Minneapolis, MN

david perlman, Dr., none
minneapolis, MN

Judi Poulson, CEO, Rune's Furniture Co.
Fairmont, MN

Noel Blythe, Co-Owner, Reynolds Roadhouse Restaurant
Saint Charles, MO

Bradley Boe, Graphic Design Director, KQTV
Rosendale, MO

James Bridges, Partner, Law Firm
Springfield, MO

Joan Butcher, Sole proprietor, Joan Butcher, M.D., LLC
Saint Louis, MO

Wes Coulson, Owner, NAELA
St. Louis, MO

Dorise Hughes, Owner, Bella Bride LLC
O'Fallon, MO

Robert Martin, Professor, RoyOMartin
Kansas City, MO

Robert Martin, Board of Directors, RoyOMartin
Kansas City, MO

Stanley Miller, Owner, Miller Chiropractic
Troy, MO

Stuart Murphy, Principal, Round Table Consulting
Jefferson City, MO

Lew Prince, CEO & Co-Owner, Vintage Vinyl Inc.
St. Louis, MO

Richard Squiric, Owner, Lettercraft LLC
Lee's Summit, MO

J.D. Tulloch, Publisher, 39 West Press
Kansas City, MO

Samantha Birchard, Owner, Pittsboro Toys
Pittsboro, NC

Emma Cabrerra, Owner, Davenport and Winkleperry
Pittsboro, NC

Amy Campbell, Coordinator, Sustain-a-Bull: Shop Independent Durham
Durham, NC

Steve Carr, Owner, City Tap
Pittsboro, NC

Steve Carr, Owner, Carr Amps
Pittsboro, NC

Andrew Chesley, Principal, Chesley Morgan Consulting LLC
Concord, NC

Roberta Dees, Investor,
Charlotte, NC

Eric Henry, President, TS Designs
Burlington, NC

Carol Hewitt, Owner, W. M. Hewitt Pottery
Pittsboro, NC

Karin Kish, Owner, Growing Love Project
Charlotte, NC

Angelina Kouzikas, Owner, Angelina's Kitchen
Pittsboro, NC

Ed Kuhlenkamp, Owner, Adrenaline Konnections
Advance, NC

Carole Mcleod, Owner, Advantage Waste
Charlotte, NC

Dwight Morris, Owner, Carolina Property Investments
Smithfield, NC

Julie Mullin, Owner/Designer, Fiberactive Organics, L3C
Apex, NC

Lori Paquette, Owner, LP Designs
Chapel Hill, NC

Tami Schwerin, Executive Director, Abundance Foundation
Pittsboro, NC

Mimi Shankin, Director of Business Development, AVANT Group
Durham, NC

Thomas Swanson, Owner, Atlas Contracting
Charlotte, NC

Thaddeus Szostak, Owner, Triangle Research Collaborative, Inc
Greensboro, NC

Mike Testa, retired
Raleigh, NC

Michael Tiemann, Owner, Miraverse/Manifold Recording
Pittsboro, NC

Jose Villares, Project Manager, JEVAS
Asheville, NC

Allen Thomsen, Owner, Accounting business
Lincoln, NE

Karen Davenport, President, Davenport & Barr, Inc.
Bartlett, NH

Sara Dustin, Owner, D.& M. Antique
Contoocook, NH

Campbell Harvey, Attorney, President, Harvey & Mahoney PA
Manchester, NH

Christine Killorin, Chief Financial Officer, Grassroots Capital Management
Brooklyn, NH

Carl Rohacek, Owner, Abode Home Furnishings
Portsmouth, NH

Nick Tulloh, Owner, Loki Lobster
Durham, NH

Tim Dalton, President, Dalton Print Consulting
Hewitt, NJ

Ron Francis, Owner, Artisan
Manahawkin, NJ

Karen Kinsman, Secretary, Cercis
Pennington, NJ

Richard Lawton, Founder, Triple Ethos
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Edward Poplawski, CEO, Red Bank Real Estate, Inc.
Red Bank, NJ

Tom Rosensweet, President, Newport Metals
Jersey City, NJ

Chuck Slotkin, Managing Partner, Nature's Equity
Summit, NJ

David Breecker, President, David Breecker Assciates
Medanales, NM

Pamela W. Combes, Managing Member, Once in a Blue Moon
Silver City, NM

Nancy Denker, Owner, Focus Ink, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM

Cynthia Edney, Co-Owner, BESCO
Sandia Park, NM

Andrew Gold, Executive Director, Rose Mountain, Inc.
Santa Fe, NM

Elene Gusch, Owner & Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Kuan Yin Acupuncture
Albuquerque, NM

Linda Joyce, Associate Broker, RE/MAX Elite
Albuquerque, NM

David Pease, Owner, Pease Accounting Services
Santa Fe, NM

Donald Schiff, Owner, Stonecircle Massage
Albuquerque, NM

Allan Sindelar, Founder, Positive Energy Solar
Santa Fe, NM

Jon Spar, private investor, Amenergy
Albuquerque, NM

Fernando Tijerina, Owner, Todd Tijerina Trio
Albuquerque, NM

Stephen Turpin, owner, SET Consulting
Los Alamos, NM

Ruanna Waldrum, co-owner, Hot Springs Frame & Art Supply
Truth or Consequences, NM

Jonathan Allen, Director, EEC - South West Campus
North Las Vegas, NV

David Gibson, Consultant, David Gibson
Reno, NV

Chetan Kinsey, CEO, Bed & Breakfast SEO
Reno, NV

Kimberly Phipps-Nichol, President/Founder, Blue Water Studio
Reno, NV

Michael Selvage, Owner, ACS
Las Vegas, NV

Dorea Shoemaker, Owner, Incline Chiropractic
Incline Village, NV

Samuel Albert, V.P. of Sales, Midcity Office Furniture
North Tonawanda, NY

Amelia Amon, President, Alt-Technica
New York, NY

Jeffry Archambeault, Owner, Bark Eater Studios
Hadley, NY

Olivia Barone, Owner/Operator, The Engelwood Guest House
Chautauqua, NY

Gerald Bate, Owner, Bates Apartments
Morrisonville, NY

David Bolotsky, Founder and CEO, UncommonGoods
Brooklyn, NY

Maria Bortugno, Interior Designer, B Designs
Cohoes, NY

Jerry Caldari, VP, Bromley Caldari
New York, NY

Joseph Carini, President, Carini Lang LLC
Brooklyn, NY

Louis Coppola, SVP, G&A Institute
New York, NY

Stephan Cotton, Principal, Cotton Consulting LLC
New York, NY

Arthur DeLuca, General Manager, Abundance Cooperative Market
Rochester, NY

Sasha Feldstein, Program Associate, Self
Brooklyn, NY

Jay Frank, Partner, Telecom for Charity
New York, NY

Zach Fried, Principal, Moosewood Consulting
Brooklyn, NY

Amy Gallagher, VP, Client Services, G&A Institute, Inc.
New York, NY

Kamil Ghoshal, Founder, Avihimsa Transgroup, Inc.
New York, NY

Penny Gill, President, PWG Communications Inc.
White Plains, NY

Leland Griffin, Jr., Owner, L.W. Griffin Supply
Trumansburg, NY

Lloyd Hamilton, Owner, Verdae, LLC
Rhinebeck, NY

Steven Handwerker, Ph.D., Steven E Handwerker PhD
Bearsville, NY

Mike Hannen, Owner, Michael Hannen's
Rochester, NY

Valerie Heinonen, Councillor, Ursuline Sisters of Tildonk, U.S. Province

Nancy Hoffmann, Owner, TomatoDesign.Net
New York, NY

Jeffrey Hollender, CEO, Jeffrey Hollender Partners
New York, NY

Iva Kaufman, Principal, Iva Kaufman Associates
New York, NY

John Kaufmann, Partner, K&L Gates LLP
New York, NY

Karla Kavanaugh, Partner, Octagon Builders
East Chatham, NY

Steven Kostis, Executive, KKI
New York, NY

Leonie Lacouette, Owner, LeonieTime.com
Wallkill, NY

Rob Lederer, Owner, Management Resources
New York, NY

Gina Lee, Director of Business Development, Unfold
New York, NY

New York, NY

Vivian Lewis, President, Global Investing
New York, NY

Celeste Lilore, Owner, Restore Clothing
New York, NY

Christopher Lindstrom, Investor, Investor
Brooklyn, NY

deirdre lizio, Manager, Pratt
Brooklyn, NY

Gia Machlin, President, EcoPlum
New York, NY

Alexis Miesen, Owner, Blue Marble Ice Cream
Brooklyn, NY

Chet Opalka, President, Opalka Family Investment Partners, LP
Averill Park, NY

Peter Pagan, Owner, New Vision Title Examiners
Brooklyn, NY

Syracuse, NY

Jocelyn Portney, Owner/Photographer, Splice Photography
Brooklyn, NY

Scott Raffele, Owner, 4korners
Brooklyn, NY

Hattie RetroAge, Owner, RetroAge
New York, NY

Peter Richards, Director, Sounding Stone
Voorheesville, NY

Joan Roche, Owner, A thru G Music
Patterson, NY

Demostene Romanucci, Owner, Romanucci law firm
Niskayuna, NY

Ed Rosenfeld, President, Foresight Advisors
New York, NY

Martin Rothenberg, President & Owner, Glottal Enterprises
Syracuse, NY

Marc Schauber, Owner, Waffull Tech Systems LLC
New York, NY

Ryan Schroeder, Principal, Ryan Schroeder Studio
Brooklyn, NY

Donald Shaffer, Owner ( retired), Donald Shaffer Associates Inc
Great Neck, NY

Jeremy Shannon, General Construction, Prospect Development and Construction, L
Brooklyn, NY

Jeremy Shannon, Principal Architect, Prospect Architecture
Brooklyn, NY

Rezwan Sharif, Consultant, Douglas Elliman
Brooklyn, NY

Robin Soto, Owner, Redmoon Caregivers
Ithaca, NY

Peter Strugatz, President, Strugatz Ventures Inc.
East Hampton, NY

Brad Walrod, President, Kenoza Type, Inc.
Kenoza Lake, NY

Roxanne Warren, Principal, Roxanne Warren Architects
New York, NY

Donald White, Investor,
Rexford, NY

Laurie J. Wilson, President, Laurie Wilson Corp
New York, NY

Charles Wittman, President, Architectural Fiberglass Corp
Copiague, NY

Tom Wojtusik, Partner, Four Lights
Ballston Spa, NY

Ali Boraby, Business Analyst, Dana Corp
Toledo, OH

Carlynn Canny, President, Synergistic Systems
Willoughby Hills, OH

Barry Cik, Founder, Naturepedic
Chagrin Falls, OH

Bsrb DeLeone, President, Caritas Counseling
Tallmadge, OH

Peter R. Griesinger, Producer/Director, Griesinger Films, LLC
Gates Mills, OH

Marc Lehman, Owner, White Raven Native Elements
Berlin, OH

Joseph Petrick, Professor of Management, Wright State University
Cincinnati, OH

Skip Ricketts, Owner, Burr Oak Concessions, Inc
Shawnee, OH

William M Ritchey, Consultant and Emeritus Prof. of Chemistry, William M Ritchey
South Euclid, OH

Edward Sauer, Co-Owner, Sunsprout Farms of Central Ohio
Columbus, OH

Michael Schwartzman, owner/principal, ISI
Cincinnati, OH

Dennis Michael Stredney, Owner, Stredney Design Graphic Solutions
Northfield, OH

Elizabeth Unser, Manager, Elizabeth's Cleaning
Westerville, OH

Jerilyn Vespoli, Founder, Students for Startups
North Canton, OH

Jeri Vespoli, Owner, AssociAD
North Canton, OH

Jackie Darrah, Owner, deOmni Secretarial Service
Tulsa, OK

Bill Hellams, Owner, Video Producers
Nichols Hills, OK

Mercedes Lackey, Owner, High Flight Arts and Letters
Claremore, OK

Mike Andreyuk, Owner, ReCraft
Portland, OR

Eric Blackledge, Chair, National Small Business Network
Corvallis, OR

Bob Browning, Business Consultant, Cascadia-Pacific Services
Forest Grove, OR

Barbara Byram, Partner, Combined Facility Systems
Medford, OR

Juan Calvillo, Owner/Photographer, Juan Calvillo Photography
Oak Grove, OR

Sattie Clark, Founder/President, VOIS Business Alliance
Portland, OR

Bill Denham, Owner, Urban Harvest
Portland, OR

Kiko Denzer, Owner, Hand Print Press
Blodgett, OR

Larry Fried, Publisher, Natural Choice Directory
Eugene, OR

Anthony & Jennifer Fuentes, Owners, Milagros Boutique
Portland, OR

Steve Hanrahan, Owner, Mirador Community Store
Portland, OR

Susan Hebert, President, Susan Hebert Imports
Portland, OR

Peter Herring, CEO, TTW Systems, LLC
West Linn, OR

Laura Joki, Owner, Rock Your World LLC
Lincoln City, OR

Kenneth Jones, Sole proprietor, Ken Jones Copyediting
Portland, OR

Louis Karl, Project Manager, Merlin Enterprises, Inc.
Beaverton, OR

Jim Kelly, Manager, Kelly/Porter Investments LLC
Kimberly, OR

John Littleton, Owner/Principal, J'ELan Web Designs
Medford, OR

Susan Mackenzie, Owner, Susan Mackenzie Interiors
Grants Pass, OR

Caroly Madson, CEO, Knomad WIne Group
Portland, OR

Martin Paule, Marketing Director, Sympatico Clothing
Jacksonville, OR

Irene Saikevych, pathologist, retired
Talent, OR

Kent Searight, President, 3rd Rock Data, Inc.
Portland, OR

Brian Setzler, CPA, TriLibrium
Portland, OR

Shari Sirkin, Owner, Dancing Roots Farm
Troutdale, OR

Robert Strauss, President, NSA, Inc
Beaverton, OR

Michelle Tiernan, Owner, Tiernan Restoration
Portland, OR

Anais Tuepker, Cofounder and Chief Research Officer, Preciva Incorporated
Portland, OR

James Tyree II, Owner, Oregon Field & Brush Mowing
Portland, OR

Debra Waterston, Owner, Blue River Studio Group
Portland, OR

Charlie Weiss, Partner, LaunchBox
Portland, OR, OR

Laura Weiss, Founder/Owner, GO Box
Portland, OR

Richard Williamson, retired A & P, Horizon Airlines
aloha, OR

Jody Wiser, Investor,
Portland, OR

Fiona Yun, Owner, ecoShuttle
Portland, OR

Salvatore Aversa, Owner, Stroll Inn
McKees Rocks, PA

Stephen Baker, President, GreenLine Paper Comany, Inc.
York, PA

Ben Bingham, CEO and Founder, 3Sisters Sustainable Management, LLC
Philadelphia, PA

Tandi Book, CEO & Founder, Tandi's Naturals
Lancaster, PA

Michael Brock, President, DigitalWires Inc.
Saint Marys, PA

Mandy Cabot, CEO, Dansko
West Grove, PA

Chad Carnahan, Director of Operations, Whole Animal Gym
Philadelphia, PA

Trey Casimir, owner, Trey Casimir Acupuncture & Exercise
Lewisburg, PA

Matthew Cleveland, Owner, Occasions Disc Jockeys
Elizabethtown, PA

Patricia Demarco, Director, Rachel Carson Institute
Pittsburgh, PA

Douglas FitzSimons, Attorney, FitzSimons Law
Elverson, PA

Cynthia Gale, CEO/Creative Director, The Barber Gale Group Inc.
Pottstown, PA

Jordan Henderson, Owner, Soap Alchemy LLC
Monaca, PA

Sloane Heywood, Principal, Diversified Services Group Inc
Media, PA

Kathleen Keiper, Owner, DeskTOP Associates
Newtown, PA

Josh Knauer, CEO, Rhiza
Pittsburgh, PA

Mike Krajovic, Independent Consultant
Uniontown, PA

David Long, New Visions, DCCC
West Chester, PA

Gerald Onesi, owner, West Side Auto Repair.
Uniontown, PA

Reese Palley, Author, Self
Philadelphia, PA

Howard Peters, PT, President, Sports Kinetics, Inc.
West Grove, PA

Meenal Raval, Owner, Philly Electric Wheels
Philadelphia, PA

Gettysburg, PA

Sami Shaaban, CEO, NuRelm, Inc
Uniontown, PA

Daniel Shively, Associate Professor, Indiana University of Pa.
Greensburg, PA

Brian Taussig-Lux, General Manager, Untours
Media, PA

Asa Watten, CEO, Fossil Free Fuel
Braddock, PA

Steve Weinberg, President, National Foundry
Philadelphia, PA

Margaret Zak, President, Environmental Logic, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA

Kevin Grover, Vice President/Co-Owner, Divorce Resource Center of Rhode Island, LLC
Cranston, RI

Tracy Gross, Owner, A to Z Windshields
Gaston, SC

Frank Knapp Jr., President and CEO, South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce
Columbia, SC

Chuck Williams, President/CEO, Electronic Health Network
Charleston, SC

Richard Aberdeen, Owner, Freedom Tracks Records
Nashville, TN

Amy Martin, Owner, A J Martin
Nashville, TN

Joyce Wilding, Mgt Consultant, LCT Leadership CommunicationTraining
Kingston Springs, TN

Jack Bates, Owner/Manager, Jack Bates Land Sales
Waco, TX

Karina Clark, Jeweler/Designer, Karina Clark
Celina, TX

Ed Fiedler, owner, Fiedler On the Roof Construction
Austin, TX

Marjory Gentsch, Owner CEO, Hill Country Green Team
Austin, TX

Thomas Kemper, President & CEO, Dolphin Blue, Inc.
Dallas, TX

Jim Lee, CEO, Hummer Group, Inc.
Uvalde, TX

Christyna Lewis, Founder, BEE Ventures
Houston, TX

Bernard Mollberg, Owner, Mollberg Piano Restoration, LLC
Blanco, TX

Paul Silver, CEO, Paul Silver Inc.
Austin, TX

Whitney Anna Walker, CEO, Adrco inc
Dallas, TX

Christie Wood, owner, Art Glass Ensembles
Denton, TX

Maureen Woods, Owner, Cingles Equestrian Center
Sante Fe, TX

Stephen Wyman, Owner, Evolving Electric Motor Company
Georgetown, TX

Don Young, President, Young & Associates
Georgetown, TX

Fernando Zambra, President, Latwin, Inc
League City, TX

Roger Buck, Professor, Salt Lake Community College
Salt Lake City, UT

Lawrence Jensen, Attorney Owner, Lawrence R. Jensen Attorney at Law
Salt Lake Cty, UT

Michael Riley, CEO, TenX Networks LLC
Salt Lake City, UT

Peter Atkinson, Chairman, IDCC
Annandale, VA

Andrew Babler, Owner, Andrew's Apparel Outlet
Herndon, VA

Paul Burke, Writer,
Virginia Beach, VA

Erik Curren, Co-Owner, Curren Media Group
Staunton, VA

George Guyan, President, Victory Consulting
White Stone, VA

Penelope Guyton, artist, retired
Alexandria, VA

Daniel Harper, Partner/ manager, Aqua Pura LLC
Hampton, VA

Cinthia Honeycutt, President, Hanging Rock Animal Hospital
Salem, VA

Susanne Merrill, Owner/President, Equus Therapeutics, Inc.
Afton, VA

John Ralston, President, Bihrle Applied Research
Hampton, VA

Kristine Swyers, communications specialist, Old House Mgmt

Mort Walco, CEO retired, Well Wishers Int'l, Inc
Broadlands, VA

Alison Bell, Partner, Langrock Sperry & Wool
Burlington, VT

Jody Brown, President, The Drawing Board
Montpelier, VT

Jennifer Chiodo, Principal, Cx Associates, LLC
Burlington, VT

Angelique Devost, Owner, Devost Design LLC
Middlebury, VT

Pat Heffernan, President, Marketing Partners, Inc.
Burlington, VT

Rick John, Owner, R. JOHN & CO.
Brattleboro, VT

Casey Lyon, Partner, Boswellness
Burlington, VT

Darcy Miller, Owner, Vermont Forensic Services
Milton, VT

Michael Palmer, President, Ethics By Design
Middlebury, VT

John Vansant, Principal & CFO, Smith & Vansant Architects PC
Norwich, VT

Jacqueline Bellows, President, Van Pelt, Corbett, Bellows
Seattle, WA

Fraser Black, Director, Pioneer Square Investments
Seattle, WA

Geoff Briggs, Owner, I & I Design
Seattle, WA

David Camp, Owner, Camp Creative
Spokane, WA

Jerry Chilson, Owner, JKF Chilson, OPALS & MORE
Enumclaw, WA

Mary Clarke, Owner, MJ's Chocolate Fantasy
Spokane, WA

Lyle Courtsal, Founder/Facilitator, People's Multiservice Systems
Port Townsend, WA

John Cristelli, Owner, Compass Point Trans Svcs
Kirkland, WA

Erika Davis, Owner, Crescenti Design
Lopez Island, WA

John Del Signore, Owner/Woodworker, John Del Signore
Bellingham, WA

Lorraine Ely-Morrison, MA, JD., Law Practice
Olympia, WA

Elise Gilbert, Director Marketing, WrightRobbins
Seattle, WA

Lee Gordon, Owner, Gordon Ventures, LLC
Mercer Island, WA

Robert and Julia Kenny and Glover, Principal, Leaderful Teams Consulting
Clinton, WA

Jay Kimball, President, Mountain Cedar Partners
Eastsound, WA, WA

William McColl, President, McColl Studio Inc
Bellingham, WA

Julie Mihalisin, Co-founder, HydroForma
Seattle, WA

Dorene Robinson, Owner, Beyond Diets
Bellevue, WA

Robert Rowe, President, CHEKFAXX Corp
Seattle, WA

Coral Shaffer, Owner, Enamelwork Supply Co.
Seattle, WA

Heidi Siegelbaum, Owner, Calyx Sustainable Tourism
Seattle, WA

Ezra Steinberg, Senior Technical Writer,
Kirkland, WA

Rod Tharp, Owner, Retired - Tharp Construction
Olympia, WA

Kurt Waldenberg, Contractor / Building Analyst, North Sound Energy Remodel
Bellingham, WA

Laura Westbrook, Owner, Wild Weeder
Seattle, WA

Rachel Whalley, CEO, Healing for Good Girls
Seattle, WA

Diane Whitman, Manager, BCSI
Seattle, WA

Andrew D. Whitmont, Doctor, Yakima Psychological Services
Yakima, WA

Sam Breidenbach, President, TDS Custom Construction, Inc
Madison, WI

Marcia Halligan, Co-Owner, Chrysalis Farm
Viroqua, WI

Francis Jones, Owner, Intercept
Glendale, WI

Gary Lemke, Owner, Gary L. Lemke Landscaping, LLC
Potter, WI

Corey E. Olsen, Owner, CEO Pipe Organs/Golden Ponds Farm
Delafield, WI

Paul Tabili, Vice President, New Paradigm Graphics Inc.
Mount Pleasant, WI

Tammara Wolfgram, Owner/Business Manager, Songbird Hills Golf Club
Hartland, WI

* New signers will be posted regularly. Business or organization for identification purposes.