Current Sign On Statements

Sign On Statements Open to Current and Retired Business People

Support Positive Tax Reform

SIGN THE CORPORATE TAX REFORM STATEMENT: Don't let corporate tax dodgers dominate debate over corporate tax reform. Sign our new statement rejecting tax holidays for U.S. multinationals who disguised their U.S. profits as foreign profits to avoid taxes and calling for an end to unproductive tax loopholes and subsidies benefiting large corporations so we can level the playing field and raise revenues needed to restore economic vitality.

Business and Investors Against Tax Haven Abuse - SIGN THE PETITION AGAINST TAX HAVEN ABUSESupport strong legislation to stop tax haven abuses. Offshore tax havens reward tax evaders, rob public funds of needed revenue and offload taxes to responsible businesses and households. Our economic progress is undermined when companies are rewarded for financial manipulation rather than productive investment, innovation and job creation.

Business for a Fair Minimum Wage


With less buying power than it had in the 1950s and 60s, today’s inadequate minimum wage means poverty for working families and undermines our businesses and our economy. More at