Corporate Tax Reform Letter: Current Signatories (Listing by State Below)

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Co-Sponsored by Business for Shared Prosperity, American Sustainable Business Council and Main Street Alliance

Signatories follow text of letter below - more than 630 to date

Dear President Obama and Members of Congress,

We, the undersigned business owners and executives, want a tax system that is fair and provides sufficient revenue for the public services and infrastructure that underpin our economy. When powerful large U.S. corporations avoid their fair share of taxes, they undermine U.S. competitiveness, contribute to the national debt and shift more of the tax burden to domestic businesses, especially small businesses that create most of the new jobs. We believe corporate tax reform should be guided by three principles:

First, all businesses – large and small – should contribute responsibly toward the costs of government and the well being of the economy. The average effective tax rate actually paid by U.S. corporations is half the statutory rate and is low by international standards. The corporate tax share of federal government receipts has dropped from 32% in 1952 to 8% now. Corporate income taxes amount to just 1.3% of GDP. Our nation cannot afford “revenue neutral” corporate tax reform that leaves corporate taxes as a share of our economy at historically low levels. The Tax Reform Act of 1986 lowered the statutory corporate tax rate but closed so many loopholes it actually increased corporate tax revenues. With large government deficits, deep budget cutbacks and deteriorating infrastructure, corporate tax reform must again be revenue positive today.

Second, businesses should not be rewarded for shifting jobs and investment overseas or disguising U.S. profits as foreign profits to reduce their taxes. In our current two-tier corporate tax system, some profitable U.S. corporations pay taxes while others pay little or none – using aggressive accounting manipulation to disguise U.S. profits as foreign profits to avoid taxes. Our government should reject demands by U.S. multinationals for a tax holiday to “repatriate” the funds they shifted offshore to avoid paying taxes. This would cost the U.S. Treasury $80 billion according to the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation and increase pressure to cut government spending on vital services. We also oppose changing to a “territorial” tax system, which would accelerate the use of accounting manipulation to shift domestic profits to foreign tax havens, permanently rewarding those who shirk their taxpaying responsibilities.

Third, by ending unproductive tax loopholes and subsidies benefiting large corporations, we can level the playing field and raise revenues needed to restore economic vitality. Corporate taxes, like individual income taxes, support the public services and infrastructure upon which all businesses depend. These include a publicly educated workforce, transportation systems, safe drinking water and sanitation, the judicial system, taxpayer-funded research (which has played a crucial role in health advances and the creation of the Internet, for example), federal emergency response and so on. But, the public services and infrastructure underpinning a healthy economy are now being cut dramatically because of inadequate revenues.

A transparent corporate tax system that assures all companies pay for the services upon which our businesses, our customers, our workforce and our communities depend, would help restore the economic vitality and domestic job creation we all seek.

David Levine, CEO, American Sustainable Business Council
Holly Sklar, Executive Director, Business for Shared Prosperity
Sam Blair, Network Director, Main Street Alliance

Signatories List In Formation - By State*

Stuart Cohen, Owner, Invisible World
Juneau, AK

Michael Mason, Owner, A Dose of Know-How
Anchorage, AK

Kim and Steve Smith, Owner, Geovera, LLC
Homer, AK

Jim Eddins, Professional Engineer, Perdido Vineyards
Perdido, AL

Rhonda Bannard, Founder & President, Inspired Connections
Phoenix, AZ

Dana Johnston, Principal & Designer, DANA Design
Phoeniz, AZ

Judith Joyce, Owner, Journey Beyond Belief
Prescott, AZ

Shukyo Mithuna, Marketing Director, Green Elephant Marketing
Prescott, AZ

John Neville, Chairman Emeritus & Co-Founder, Sustainable Arizona
Sedona, AZ

Gregory Nielsen, Distributor, Enagic
Mesa, AZ

Helen Sisk, Owner, Sparrow Designs
Flagstaff, AZ

Helene Tack, Development Director, Local First Arizona
Phoenix, AZ

Miriam Weber, Sole Proprietor, Miriam D Weber
Tucson, AZ

Carlos Aguayo, Owner, ALKA Appliances
Norwalk, CA

Kate Amon, President & Owner, Kate's Caring Gifts
Fremont, CA

Mando Arellano, Owner, A-Prime Trucking, Inc.
Norco, CA

Erika Backberg, Owner/President, Tea Tree Designs
Los Angeles, CA

Candice Barnett, President, Candy's Closet
Santa Monica, CA

Chris Bartle, President, The Evergreen Group
Greenbrae, CA

Yve Betar, Owner/Home Stager, Set To Sell Home Staging
Novato, CA

Vinod Bhardwaj, CEO, FoneWeb Inc.
Atherton, CA

James Bill, Owner, ZIA [zero impact architecture]
San Enselmo, CA

Ann Blake, Founder & Principal, Environmental & Public Health Consulting
Alameda, CA

Diane Boivie, President, Catalyst Coaching & Training
Novato, CA

Valerie Brinton, Owner, Sharedfield Healing Arts
Fillmore, CA

Rinaldo Brutoco, Founding President & CEO, World Business Academy
Santa Barbara, CA

L C, Co-Owner, Harry's Floor Tools
Palm Desert, CA

AnnD Canavan, Consultant, ACE
San Diego, CA

Miguel Checa, Principal, Environmentally Sustainable Enterprises Co.
Carpinteria, CA

Nat Childs, Owner, Childs' Play
Miranda, CA

Pamela Consear, Owner, HandyGal
Oakland, CA

Thomas Cook, Attorney, Thomas Cook Intellectual Property Attorneys
Sausalito, CA

Jay Corrales, Partner, Turner Real Estate
San Diego, CA

Susanna Cummings, Co-Owner, Secret Harbor Boatworks
Potter Valley, CA

Mark Dempsey, CEO, Dempsey Associates
Orangevale, CA

Fred Dew, Professional Engineer, Consultant
Altadena, CA

Paul Dewey, Owner, Dewey Engineering Services
Poway, CA

Richard DiMatteo, Manager, Casa Arleda
San Diego, CA

Thomas Dougherty, President, Pancro Mirrors Inc.
Grass Valley, CA

Brian Dugay, Forensic Analyst, Apple Inc
San Jose, CA

Jane Engelsiepen, Owner, View Studio
Carpinteria, CA

John Fagot, President, Airblasts, Inc.
Toluca Lake, CA

John Fisher, Co-founder, OurFirstNature
Carlsbad, CA

Pierce Flynn, Vice President, DUB Publishing Inc
San Marcos, CA

Kevin Flynn, President, Flynn & Assoc., Inc.
El Cerrito, CA

Linda Forman, Vice President, Harris' Department Stores
San Bernardino, CA

Allen Foster, Interior Designer, Red Tree Studio, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Mark Foy, Owner, Vitalita, Inc
Berkeley, CA

Deborah Frangquist, Owner, Chosen Futures
San Francisco, CA

Lisa Giarretto, Executive Vice President, USIIC
Woodside, CA

Joia Gibble, Solar Market Analyst, Martifer Solar USA
Los Angeles, CA

Steven Graff, President, Foreign Thought
Aptos, CA

Harry Hagaman, President, Green Design Systems
Healdsburg, CA

Susan Harris, Owner & Principal Consultant, Leadership & Strategy for Sustainable Systems
Oakland, CA

Carol Hayek-Miller, Retired, Investor
San Ramon, CA

John Heymann, CEO, NewLevel Group
Napa, CA

Mark Houghton, Owner, LA Sound and Picture Studios
Los Angeles, CA

Noel Huelsenbeck, Founder/Principal Consultant, Vocio
San Diego, CA

Otto Hunt, Owner, Imagine What Could Be
Oceanside, CA

Betony Jones, Founder and Principal, Fourth Sector Strategies
El Cerrito, CA

Bakari Kafele, Owner, BioDiesel Hauling
San Pablo, CA

Alex Kahl, Owner, Kahl Consultants
San Rafael, CA

Jack Kaplan, Owner, Bay Trading
Novato, CA

Michael Katz, Principal, Albion Multimedia
Berkeley, CA

Leonard Katzman, Owner, Wolfe Auto Service
Sunnyvale, CA

Sean Kennedy, Owner, Total Balance Health & Fitness
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Mha Atma S Khalsa, Owner, Khalsa Chiropractic
Los Angeles, CA

Louanne Klein, Owner, Distance Learning Consulting
Lafayette, CA

Robert Krikourian, Owner, Krikourian Insurance Sales & Service
El Dorado Hills, CA

Kenneth Levin, Director, Gaijin Ink
San Diego, CA

Laurie Litman, Owner, InfoWright
Sacramento, CA

Tony Littmann, Owner, Littmann Remodeling
Oakland, CA

Nancy Mao, Attorney, Law Office of Nancy Mao
Martinez, CA

Alexia Marcous, Vice President, Dharma Merchant Services
San Francisco, CA

Edward Marro, Excecutive, Betterdecisions
San Diego, CA

Caroline Maser, CFO, Karr Tuttle Campbell
Palo Alto, CA

Maren McConnell-Collins, President, Pet Set Rex
San Diego, CA

Ian McLeod, Principal, Communitas Financial Planning
San Francisco, CA

Cathy Miller, retired, Big On Batik
Carlsbad, CA

Angela Mogin, Attorney, Law Firm
Redwood City, CA

Richard Morse, Owner, Mic-Hawk
Oxnard, CA

Allan Moskowitz, Certified Financial Planner, CFP, Affirmative Wealth Advisors
El Cerrito, CA

Dimity Mueller, CFO, Tomity Corporation
Los Gatos, CA

Mark Nelson, Owner, Renaissance Remodelers
San Anselmo, CA

Jim Neptune, President, Neptune Enginering
Clovis, CA

John Oda, Healthcare, Stutter health
San francisco, CA

Richard Parker, Owner, 450 Architects, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Gene Parsons, Owner, Parsons Machine Shop
Mendocino, CA

Heidi Pickman, Communications Director, CAMEO - California Association for Micro Enterprise Opportunity
San Francisco, CA

Roger Pritchard, Principal, Financial Alternatives
Berkeley, CA

Robert J. Ransom, Jr. - ChFC, Chartered Financial Consultant, Insurance
Petaluma, CA

Jorge Rebagliati, Owner, Quest
Santa Rosa, CA

Maryellen Redish, Owner, Ellen Redish & Associates
Palm Springs, CA

Neil Resico, Owner, R 3 Electric
San Lorenzo, CA

Dawn Rickabaugh, Broker/Investor, Note Queen Capital Funding
Temple City, CA

John Ross, Owner, The Ballroom
San Rafael, CA

Mark Safron, Owner, Mark Safron Photography
Fort Bragg, CA

Penelope Sallberg, Sr. Executive VP, CPGjobs
Pasadena, CA

Leslie Sheridan, Publisher & Editor, The Carpe Diem Voice
Clearlake, CA

Sylvia Silk, Owner, Institute for Balanced Living
Los Angeles, CA

Bruce Sims, Owner, Senior Service Council
Escondido, CA

Barbara Sullivan, Publisher, CLL
Cupertino, CA

Nicholas Szabo, Director (retired), KLA Tencor
Cupertino, CA

Donald Taylor, President, Continental-Pacific Lumber
Gold River, CA

Michael Teahan, Vice President, Espresso Part Source
Van Nuys, CA

Deborah Terdy, Owner, Driven by Design
Carmel, CA

Christina Thomure, Consultant, The Resource Workshop
Santa Cruz, CA

Marshall Van Wormer, Senior Technical Recruiter, St. Jude Medical
Los Angeles, CA

Esther Wagner, CFO, Excellent Packaging & Supply
Richmond, CA

William Wallin, Owner, Wallin Mental Medical
Richmond, CA

Mal Warwick, Founder * Chairman, Mal Warwick | Donordigital
Berkeley, CA

James Weil, CEO, Weil Aquatronics, Inc
Glendale, CA

Alan Westbrook, UX Architect, Nokia
San Jose, CA

George Wilson, CFO, Rexchange, Inc.
Mountain View, CA

Andreas Wittenstein, President, BitJazz Inc.
San Geronimo, CA

Rose Penelope Yee, Co-Founder, Green Retirement, Inc.
Alameda, CA

Paul Adams, President, Earth and Sky Architecture
Denver, CO

Mekayla Beaver, Founder, Gloworm LLC
Boulder, CO

Megan Brown, Business Owner, Evolve Marketing
Edgewater, CO

David Butler, Owner, Nascent Equity, LLC
Westminster, CO

Michael Byrne, Owner, Blue Engine Group, LLC
Broomfield, CO

Joyce Caufman, President, Peak to Peak Educational Consulting
Loveland, CO

John Dinkmeyer, Owner-Manager, Never Summer Studio
Grand Lake, CO

Chip Frye, President, Awareness Media
Boulder, CO

Margery Hirschey, Jewelry Designer, Margery Hirschey, Inc.
Boulder, CO

Brian Krahmer, President, Krahmer Holdings LLC
Englewood, CO

Sherry Law, Principal, Evergreen Communication
Boulder, CO

John Lodenkamper, President, Market Access International
Golden, CO

Cheryl Moskal, rental houses, Various
Lakewood, CO

Kelli Nelson, Owner/President, Dynamic Living Enterprises
Fort Collins, CO

Susan Peirce, Owner, Canyonlights Photography
Lyons, CO

Lynn Prieve, Owner, Advanced Diesel & Light Truck, LLC
Wellington, CO

Stephanie Reit, Owner, PrismaWorks
Berthoud, CO

Rebecca Savage, General Counsel, Savage Law LLC
Boulder, CO

Cheryl Spector, Principal, Spector and Associates, P.C.
Denver, CO

Seana Steffen, Executive Director, Restorative Leadership Institute
Longmont, CO

Tanya Stevens, Analyst, Better Green Design
Denver, CO

Mikel Whitney, Administrator, Colorado Congressional Coalition
Castle Rock, CO

Virginia Winter, Owner, CEO, Equinox Consultancy LLC
Boulder, CO

Ken Coscia, International Training Director, Silva International
Farmington, CT

Sam Di Bella, Sole Proprietor, Sam DiBella
Stamford, CT

Douglas Imhoff, Pres, Heritage Kitchens, Ltd.
Stamford, CT

Diane McKenna, Owner, Appraisal Services of Connecticut
Stratford, CT

Robert Siblery, President, retired, PeleGroup
Riverside, CT

Corinne Wong, Owner, Retail Women's Wear
Cheshire, CT

Kathy Anderson, Owner, grace & manners
Washington, DC

Mike Englert, Owner, Eighty2degrees LLC
Washington, DC

Jim Epstein, Chairman, EFO Capital Management, Inc.
Washington, DC

Pennye Jones-Napier, Founder, The Big Bad Woof Inc.
Takoma Park, DC

Kimberley Jutze, Founder, Shifting Patterns Consulting
Washington, DC

Nora Pouillon, Restaurant Nora, Restaurant Nora
Washington, DC

Fran Teplitz, Executive Co-Director for Business, Investing & Policy, Green America's Green Business Network
Washington, DC

Daniel Turner, President, TCG
Washington, DC

Eva-Maria von Bronk, Real Estate Broker, Eva Realty, LLC
Washington, DC

Bob Connelly, owner, Live Cheap & Make Art Studios
Milford, DE

Ellen Rice, Owner, Ellen Rice Gallery
Ocean View, DE

Brenda Bossman, Owner, Brenda Bossman, Consultant
Placida, FL

Jasmine Bowman, Peace Flower Yoga, Peace Flower Yoga
Bradenton, FL

Brian Brinn, Owner, Solar Marine
Cape Coral, FL

James Colen, Managing Member, Golden Anchor Trading
Cooper CIty, FL

Ann Costello, owner, Ea Air MArine
Pensacola, FL

Nancy Deren, owner, Nancy Deren Financial Coaching
Gainesville, FL

Ray Earhart, Partner, A Gift For No Reason
New Smyrna Beach, FL

Dean Galloway, Owner, Desktop Pictures
Tallahassee, FL

Bethany Gonzalez Moreno, CEO, B. EcoChic
Orange Park, FL

Jody Gorran, Chairman, Aquatherm Industries Inc.
Delray beach, FL

Hazel Henderson, President,author, Editor in Chief, Ethical Markets Media
St. Augustine, FL

Elizabeth Iglesias, Owner & CEO, LisaLeine LLC
Coral Gables, FL

Harold Kardeman, Retired Co-Owner, Karpen Steel Products
boynton beach, FL

Deborah Lamb, Retired Owner, Deborah S. Lamb DBA Lambscapes
Miami, FL

Theodore Lundgren, Owner, T LH CONSULTING, INC
Cape Coral, FL

Kathy McGuire, Principle, 3 Pillar Solutions
Jupiter, FL

Mary McNamara, CEO, Mary McNamara Unlimited, LLC
Lake Worth, FL

Nasrin Noori, Owner, Baby Eco Trends, LLC
Miami, FL

Randall Perry, Owner, sysTame Internet Services
Sebastian, FL

Eberhardt Rues, Founder, President, RHS EcoFriendlyhotels
Dunnellon, FL

Morley Schloss, Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort, Sunsport Gardens
Loxahatchee Groves, FL

Dave Smith, owner, Senior Express
Navarre, FL

Mark Wigginton, Supervisor, XYZ Corporation
Fernandina Beach, FL

Ben Wilson, President, Issue Technologies
Jacksonville, FL

Marie Dambrosio, Business Owner, Greenwise Village
Smyrna, GA

Herbert Eber, President, Psychological Resources, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

Pete Gordon, President, Gordob Builders, Inc.
Norcross, GA

Cynthia Mead, Owner, The Mead Law Firm, LLC
Atlanta, GA

Bryant Smith, Real estate investing
Stone Mountain, GA

Mildred Ticee, Retired Shop Owner,
Clayton, GA

Peggy Walker, President, B&P Walker Inc.
Decatur, GA

Chris Barzman, Concierge, Expedia
Honolulu, HI

Gloria Faltstrom, Owner, Shaklee
Kaneohe, HI

Jesse Law, Owner, Sustainable Island Products
Hilo, HI

John Rogers, Owner, Affordable Portable Housing
Kailua, HI

David Hempel, Former Owner, Eble Music Co
Iowa City, IA

Garry Ault, Proprietor, All Makes Vacuum
Boise, ID

Greg Crimp, Owner, Sports Cellar
Coeur d`Alene, ID

Trudy McGavin, Director/Owner, Puentes Language Programs
Boise, ID

Katherine Noble, Landscape architect, Katherine Noble & Associates
Hailey, ID

Dave Silva, President, Automated Office Systems
Boise, ID

Dave Smith, Farm and Ranch Manager, tvbg
Boise, ID

Christina Thomure, Consultant, The Resource Workshop
Victor, ID

Andria Anderson, Owner, A Anderson Music
Chicago, IL

Randal Bailey, Vice President, Bailey's Carpet One
Joliet, IL

David Borris, Founder/Owner, Hel's Kitchen Catering
Northbrook, IL

James Brandt, Board Member, Ringspann Corp.
Franklin Park, IL

Gerri Brunner, Owner, Nicolet Candle Company
Chicago, IL

John Carter, Owner, Candy's Canines
Antioch, IL

Pamela Clarkin, Owner, We Can Do It Painting & Wallcovering
Edwardsville, IL

Camilla Dadey, President, Elemental Media
Deerifeld, IL

Brett Fraser, Owner, BeachWatch LLC
Loves Park, IL

Nevena Georgieva, Business Owner, TheHitBid Company Inc
Homer Glen, IL

Paul Haider, Psychologist, Chicago Family Health Center
Chicago, IL

Sherry Hayes, Former President, Grayboy Motor Sports
Chillicothe, IL

Caroline Herzenberg, Dr., Herzenberg Associates
Chicago, IL

Jacob Hoag, CEO, Noctav
Chicago, IL

Sonja Horstman, Manager, Apollo's Wings, LLC
Downers Grove, IL

Carol Lapetino, Vinyl Works
Downers Grove, IL

Mario Lopez, Principal, Lopez Enterprises
Dundee, IL

John Lyman, President, PaperFreePrograms
Evanston, IL

James Masini, President, NorthSide Community Federal Credit Union
Chicago, IL

Sharon Matusiak, owner, Wolf Creek Studio
Marion, IL

Thomas McAuliffe, CEO, Sentiam, Inc
Bensenville, IL

Patricia Michaels, Co-Owner/Vice President, New Horizons
Long Grove, IL

Kathryn Mueller, Owner, Best of Both Worlds Family Childcare
Streamwood, IL

Scott Pfeiffer, Managing Partner, Threshold Acoustics LLC
Downers Grove, IL

Joe Pinder, Owner, Pinder Pottery
Galena, IL

Nicky Poloski, Owner, Two Mothers Foods
Downers Grove, IL

Ron Reichert, Owner, Master Building Maintenance
Oak Forest, IL

Ann Riehle, Owner, A. Riehle Original Costumes
Monee, IL

Richard Sabatino, Owner, Sabatino Consulting
Oak Park, IL

Laura Schlegel, Mario's Mondo Cafe
Chicago, IL

Jeanine Terranella, CEO, J9 Designs
Elk Grove Village, IL

Linda Tyson, Owner, South Suburban Garden Girl
Flossmoor, IL

Julie Umnus, Founder & Creative Director, Artisan Etc
Chicago, IL

Matt Van Slyke, Pres./Owner, Green Agents. Ltd.
Grayslake, IL

Jan Weinstein, President, AWC Industries
Chicago, IL

Joe Zefran, Founder, Action Plan Cooperative
Chicago, IL

Stephen Gore, Owner, Binkley-Gore Associates, Inc.
Nashville, IN

Jim Jachimiak, owner, Square Deal Contracting
Franklin, IN

Lin Kaatz Chary, Executive Director, Indiana Toxics Action
Gary, IN

Frank Merritt, Owner, TMQ Consulting
Fort Wayne, IN

Joyce Niksic, Retired Owner, Design business
Hammond, IN

M Brent Pittman, Owner/Partner, HCM associates inc
Brownsburg, IN

Duke Snyder, Executive Director, LocalMotionIndy
Indianapolis, IN

James Wolcott, Sole Proprietor,
Evansville, IN

Doug Stecklein, President, Odyssey Painting Inc.
Olathe, KS

James Lamar Knight, Owner, Knight Works Construction
Prospect, KY

Mackey Mcneill, CEO, Mackey
Independence, KY

Lisa Schmoetzer, President, Saga Productions
Lawrenceburg, KY

Carol Shutt, Owner, Photographer, Wildwood Creations Photography
Hillsboro, KY

Darren Taylor, Taylor Modern Media, Taylor Modern Media
Louisville, KY

Mary Noel Black, Owner, The UPS Store@ Citiplace
Baton Rouge, LA

Gabrielle Chapin, Photographer, G. Chapin Studios, LLC
New Orleans, LA

Geoff Coats, Owner, Line 58 Branding and Web Design
New Orleans, LA

Jodie Manale, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty 4550100
Metairie, LA

David Marinello, Proprietor, Sammy's Kid LLc dba La Divina Cafe e Gelateria
New Orleans, LA

Camille Moran, Owner/President/CEO, Caramor Industries, L. L. C.
Natchitoches, LA

Paul Troyano, owner, Living Furniture
New Orleans, LA

Mallory Whitfield, Owner, Malaprop LLC
New Orleans, LA

Ann Baker, Principal, Ann Baker
Wayland, MA

Hannah Banks, Principal, Harrison-Banks
Newton, MA

Margaret Benefiel, Executive Officer, Executive Soul
Boston, MA

Gregory Caplan, CSR, Boston Building Resources
Jamaica Plain, MA

Gary Clark, President, Clark Sustainable Energy
Shelburne Falls, MA

Jeff Clements, Owner, Clements LLC
Concord, MA

Chuck Collins, Director, Wealth for the Common Good
Boston, MA

Sarah Creighton, Owner, S. Creighton Bookbinding
Easthampton, MA

Orange, MA

Mia Davis, Vice President, Safety & Cause, Beautycounter
Roslindale, MA

Rob DiNinni, President/Owner, StageCoach Improv
Boston, MA

Dorothy Emerson, Treasurer, Rainbow Solutions, Inc.
Medford, MA

Roger Freeman, President, Solventerra
Hingham, MA

Alexandra Grabbe, Owner, Chez Sven Bed & Breakfast
Wellfleet, MA

Marcia Hutchinson, Creative Director, GoodWorx Web Design
Sherborn, MA

Maggie Kerr, Sales, Operations and Sustainability Mgr, Dancing Deer Baking Co.
Boston, MA

Susan Labandibar, President, Tech Networks of Boston
Cambridge, MA

Catherine Melina, Principal (Retired), Melina/Hyland design group
Cambridge, MA

Roger Merritt, Principal/audio engineer, Eleventh Heaven Audio
Carver, MA

Gustav Papanek, President, Boston Institute for Developing Economies
Lexington, MA

Laurie Robertson-Lorant, Dr. Laurie, Bridgewater State University
So. Dartmouth, MA

Janice Rogovin, artist/artist educator, Edvestors
boston, MA

Margy Rydzynski, Owner, Brave New Web
Arlington, MA

Eric Segal, President, The Data Collaborative
Arlington, MA

Harvy Simkovits, President, Business Wisdom
Lexington, MA

Holly Sklar, Executive Director, Business for Shared Prosperity
Boston, MA

Tom Skusevich, Skusie, Inc.
Milton, MA

Peter Smith, Principal, Global Urban Solutions
Newton, MA

Tim Smith, SVP, Walden Asset Management
North Andover, MA

Rachael Solem, Owner and General Manager, Irving House
Cambridge, MA

David Stirling, President, Stirling/Brown Architects
Winchester, MA

Constance Sumberg, Partner, Workstead Industries
Deerfield, MA

Jon Tepper, President and Founder, J. Tepper Group
Newton, MA

Mario Troiani, IT Consultant, MIC
Newton, MA

Paul Wildnauer, President, Great Scapes Nursery
Mattapoisett, MA

Tom Willits, Owner, MRW Connected, Inc.
Easthampton, MA

Jerry Alexandratos, Owner, Alexandratos Rental Properties
Frederick, MD

Takoma Park, MD

Diane Carazas, Partner, Innovation Partners International
Bethesda, MD

Raymond Carrier, Former Owner/President, Green Rider LLC
Baltimore, MD

Brian England, President, British American Auto Care Inc.
Columbia, MD

Harvey Fernbach MD MPH, medical office, Harvey Fernbach MD PA
Bethesda, MD

Irwin Hoenig, Owner, Living Calmness
Laurel, MD

Jason Holstine, President/CEO, Amicus Green Building Center
Kensington, MD

Jack Kinstlinger, P.E., Chairman Emeritus, KCI Technologies
Pikesville, MD

Ivan Makfinsky, Owner, Endosys, LLC
Silver Spring, MD

Stacy Miller, Project Director, Farmers Market Coalition
Cockeysville, MD

Craig Moloney, AIA, LEED AP, President, CEM Design
Rockville, MD

Robert Morris, Owner, RKM Productions
Bethesda, MD

Sheridan Neimark, co-owner, law firm
Silver Spring, MD

Benn Ray, President, Be More Local
Baltimore, MD

Wendy Rosen, Founder, American Made Alliance
Baltimore, MD

Ted Rouse, Chairman / Owner, Big City Farms
Baltimore, MD

John Shepley, Co-Owner, Emory Knoll Farms
Street, MD

Art Wagner, Owner, Zoller Wagner Digital Design
Pasadena, MD

Sandra Zylberman, Owner, HarborWest Design
Owings Mills, MD

Halcyon Blake, Owner, Halcyon Yarn
Bath, ME

John Costin, Owner, Veneer Services Unlimited
Kennebunk, ME

Phil Neal, Owner, Cape Rosier Woor Products
Harborside, ME

Stephen Perrine, DBA, SC Perrine Painting
Woolwich, ME

Wesley Rothermel, Store Owner, Walking Eagle Gallery
Camden, ME

Mike Shunney, Owner, Inner Works Center
Rockland, ME

Lorne Beatty, V.P. Sales, Blue Chip Technologies
Brighton, MI

Bena Burda, Owner, Maggie's Organics
Ypsilanti, MI

Bradley Cross, Owner, Harmony Hollow
Ann Arbor, MI

James Diamond, Owner, Ghetto Recorders
detroit, MI

William Gustafson, Retired, Michigan DOT
Muskegon, MI

Joseph Hess, Dr., JWH Enterprises
East Lansing, MI

Bruce McFee, President, Saylor-Beall Manufacturing Company
St Johns, MI

Susan Miller, Owner, Susan B Miller, PhD
Ann Arbor, MI

David Vandeveld, Owner, Vanton Industries
Gladstone, MI

Lonnie White, Owner, Picture Perfect Painters
Lansing, MI

David Culver, Principle, Evergreene Associates
Hopkins, MN

Susan Edgington, Owner, Adventure Inn
Ely, MN

Audrey Fairchild-Ehm, Owner, Fairchild-Ehm Foster Care
Roseville, MN

John Finazzo, President, Lipari Renewables, Inc.
Orono, MN

Roger Francis, Owner, Metameister Enterprises
Grand Rapids, MN

Susan Kulstad, Owner, Adroit Solutions
Minneapolis, MN

Kathy Lauwagie, President, Natural Pest Products Store
Maplewood, MN

Christopher Loch, Owner, Contempl8 T-Shirts
Minneapolis, MN

Shawn McBurnie, Owner, Nettercap Productions
Minneapolis, MN

Diane Norland, CEO, Wholelifeleadership
North Mankato, MN

William Nusbaum, Owner, Bill's Computer Services
Saint Louis Park, MN

Ryan O'Connell, CEO/Technology Consultant, NorthLAN Technology
Virginia, MN

Richard Patten, Owner, Patten Associates
Minneapolis, MN

Les Phillips, Owner, Les Phillips Photography
Minneapolis, MN

Judi Poulson, CEO, Rune's Furniture Co.
Fairmont, MN

Neil Stecker, Owner, Custom Creations
Tamarack, MN

Maude Bauschard, Owner, Maude's Market
St. Louis, MO

Shirley Crenshaw, Owner, Crenshaw Inc.
St Louis, MO

Genevieve Flynn, Owner, G. Flynn Jeweler
Kansas City, MO

Robert Martin, Board of Directors, RoyOMartin
Kansas City, MO

Stanley Miller, Owner, Miller Chiropractic
Troy, MO

Stuart Murphy, Principal, Round Table Consulting
Jefferson City, MO

Connie Nelson, Partner, Sundance Indian Crafts
Independence, MO

Lew Prince, CEO & Co-Owner, Vintage Vinyl Inc.
St. Louis, MO

Kansas City, MO

j.d. Tulloch, Publisher, 39 West Press
Kansas City, MO

Rene Upshaw, Member, A.U. Innovative Land Mgmt
St. Louis, MO

Robert Winkelmann, Owner, Paint Saint Louis
Catawissa, MO

Charlotte Lundemo, Office Manager, Computer Coop
Jackson, MS

Vickie Amundson, Real Estate Broker, Missoula Org. of Realtors
Missoula, MT

Tim Christiansen, Owner, Vino per tutti
Bozeman, MT

Mike Craighill, Owner, Soup and Such, LLC
Billings, MT

Cary Griffin, CEO and Senior Partner, GHA, Inc
Florence, MT

Aimee McQuilkin, Owner, Betty's Divine
Missoula, MT

Kent Means, President, MMW Architects
Missoula, MT

Gordon Stillie, Medical Director/Radiation Oncologist, Kalispell Regional Radiation Oncology, Inc
Kalispell, MT

William Borden, Sr. Media Specialist, Coyne PR
Cary, NC

Eric Henry, President, TS Designs
Burlington, NC

Dwight Morris, Owner, Carolina Property Investments
Smithfield, NC

Julie Mullin, Owner/Designer, Fiberactive Organics, L3C
Apex, NC

Jenny Schnaak, Development Director, The Abundance Foundation
Pittsboro, NC

Jane Stein, Owner, CHICLE Language Institute
Carrboro, NC

Thomas Swanson, Owner, Atlas Contracting
Charlotte, NC

Thaddeus Szostak, Manager, TRC
Greensboro, NC

Mike Testa, retired
Raleigh, NC

Sally Thomas, Retired, Tour business
Charlotte, NC

Jose Villares, Project Engineer, JEVAS
Asheville, NC

Scott A. Weir, Proprietor, SAW Carpentry and Repair
Durham, NC

Rodney Kamarad, Owner, Kamarad Farms
Comstock, NE

Richard Oxley, Owner, R & L Consulting LLC
Lincoln, NE

Karen Barr, President, Davenport & Barr, Inc.
Intervale, NH

Sam Blair, Network Director, The Main Street Alliance
Peterborough, NH

Sara Dustin, Owner, D.& M. Antique
Contoocook, NH

John Kusinski, CEO, Sigma Sales and Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Newbury, NH

Karen Schreiber, Owner, Durham Acupuncture
Durham, NH

Mark Anthony, Owner, PortraitEFX of Middlesex
Edison, NJ

Carissa Borraggine, Owner, Harvest Table
Newark, NJ

Frank A. Brincka, Consultant, Articulations, Inc.
Sussex, NJ

Kevin Conheeney, Owner, Jersey Shore Vapors
Toms River, NJ

J Kelly Conklin, Co-owner, Foley-Waite Associates
Bloomfield, NJ

Ron Francis, Owner, Artisan
Manahawkin, NJ

Ellie Kierson, CEO, The Easy Street Group LLC
West Long Branch, NJ

Richard Lawton, Founder, Triple Ethos
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Philip Peters, Entertainer, Flip Peters
South Orange, NJ

Edward Poplawski, CEO, Red Bank Real Estate, Inc.
Red Bank, NJ

Ira Rabin, Broker, Mcloughlin Group
Plainfield, NJ

Louis Trillo, owner, meson barcelona
Manalapan, NJ

Mary Carter, Executive Director, Women's Intercultural Center
Anthony, NM

Tina Cordova, President, Queston Construction, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM

Andrew Gold, Executive Director, Rose Mountain, Inc.
Santa Fe, NM

Elene Gusch, Owner & Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Kuan Yin Acupuncture
Albuquerque, NM

Linda Joyce, Associate Broker, RE/MAX Elite
Albuquerque, NM

Gail Larsen, Founder, Real Speaking
Santa Fe, NM

Tawnya Laveta, Owner, Laveta, LLC
Santa Fe, NM

Alston Lundgren, MD, Owner, Alston C Lundgren, MD, PC
Santa Fe, NM

Sandra McCardell, President, Current-C Energy Systems, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM

David Pease, Owner, Pease Accounting Services
Santa Fe, NM

Kathy Priola, Consultant, Kathy Priola LLC
Santa Fe, NM

Donald Schiff, Owner, Stonecircle Massage
Albuquerque, NM

Allan Sindelar, Founder, Positive Energy Solar
Santa Fe, NM

Jon Spar, private investor, Amenergy
Albuquerque, NM

Ruanna Waldrum, co-owner, Hot Springs Frame & Art Supply
Truth or Consequences, NM

Angela Werneke, Owner, River Light Media
Santa Fe, NM

Jonathan Allen, Director, EEC - Southwest Campus
North Las Vegas, NV

Jeff Allen, Sole Practioner, Home Based Counseling of Nevada
Sparks, NV

David Gibson, Consultant, David Gibson
Reno, NV

Bill Hammers, Owner, Hammers & Assoc.
Reno, NV

Theresa Holmes, Owner, Hooper Productions
Las Vegas, NV

KC Mares, President & CEO, MegaWatt Consulting Inc.
Reno, NV

Jocelyn Anker, Producer, Savvy Productions
New York, NY

Gerald Bate, Owner, Bates Apartments
Morrisonville, NY

New York, NY

David Bolotsky, Founder and CEO, UncommonGoods
Brooklyn, NY

Hugh Campbell, Managing Director, Hugh J. Campbell, Jr CPA
Unuin, NJ, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Deborah Dietrich, Executive Director, OAR
Ithaca, NY

Larry Faust, Director, Cadre Management & Brokerage Services
Inc., NY

Kamil Ghoshal, Founder, Avihimsa Transgroup, Inc.
New York, NY

L. Glasner, President, Entry Publishing
New York, NY

Perry Goldschein, Consultant, Investor
New Paltz, NY

Ajax Greene, CEO/Founder, On Belay Business Advisors Inc
Gardiner, NY

Leland Griffin, Jr., Owner, LW Griffins's Supply LLC
Trumansburg, NY

Jean Gunner, Chief of Operations, Buffalo Pediatric Associates
Williamsville, NY

Steven Handwerker, Ph.D., Steven E Handwerker PhD
Bearsville, NY

Mike Hannen, Owner, Michael Hannen
Rochester, NY

Jim Kavanaugh, Owner, Octagon Builders
East Chatham, NY

Michael Kennedy, Farmer, Evolution Organics
Woodstock, NY

Robert Kocik, Chief Architect, Bureau of Material Behaviors
Brooklyn, NY

Steven Kostis, Executive, KKI
New York, NY

Leonie Lacouette, Owner,
Wallkill, NY

Rob Lederer, Owner, Management Resources
New York, NY

New York, NY

Gia Machlin, President, EcoPlum
New York, NY

David Nevin, Owner, DN Information Systems
Rochester, NY

Gay Nicholson, President, SEEN (Sustainable Enterprise & Entrepreneur Network)
Ithaca, NY

Nancy Norton, Owner, Stone Quarry House
Ithaca, NY

Walter Oczkowski, retired, International Business
Deerfield, NY

Peter Pagan, Owner, New Vision Title Examiners
Brooklyn, NY

Jocelyn Portney, Photographer, Splice Photography
Brooklyn, NY

Mark Pruce, Owner, Designer, Developer, 8oz Studios
Millerton, NY

Jennifer Radtke, Owner, Phototek Imaging Solutions
Brooklyn, NY

Marc Schauber, Waffull Tech Systems LLC, Waffull Tech Systems LLC
Roslyn, NY

Kathleen Shoemaker, Owner/Manager, Pump Doctors
Horseheads, NY

Kate Spaulding, Administrative Manager, 1660 Madison Ave
New York, NY

Carl Sterner, Principal, Sterner Design
New York, NY

Nicolette Stosur-Bassett, Development Coordinator, Film Biz Recycling
Brooklyn, NY, NY

Bonnie Vierthaler, Owner, PrayersMadeVisible
Harpursville, NY

Amy Wagner, Director, Rose & Sherle Wagner Foundation
New York, NY

Brad Walrod, President, Kenoza Type, Inc.
Kenoza Lake, NY

Roxanne Warren, Principal, Roxanne Warren Architects
New York, NY

Martin Webster, Co-Owner, West Branch House B&B
Delhi, NY

Laurie J. Wilson, President, Laurie Wilson Corp
New York, NY

Charles Wittman, President, Architectural Fiberglass Corp
Copiague, NY

Carlynn Canny, President, Synergistic Systems
Willoughby Hills, OH

Barb DeLeone, Owner, Caritas Counseling, LLC
Tallmadge, OH

Arthur Kettner, Owner, 146 Galigher St
Zanesville, OH

Chuck Lynd, Chair, Support Our Local Economy/Think Columbus First
Columbus, OH

Joseph Petrick, Professor of Management, Wright State University
Cincinnati, OH

Joel Saeks, Owner, Saeks Chiropractic LLC
Wilmington, OH

Angie Shyrigh, Owner, Proventus Structural Services, LLC

Bill Trimarco, Owner, Elemental Industries
Hamilton, OH

Jeri Vespoli, Owner, AssociAD
North Canton, OH

Chuck Watts, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones
Wilmington, OH

Antoinette Wilson, CEO, Triumph Communications
Columbus, OH

Jackie Darrah, Owner, deOmni Secretarial Service
Tulsa, OK

Shannon Falter, Owner, Interlink Design & Technology
Tulsa, OK

Bill Hellams, Owner, Video Producers
Nichols Hills, OK

Mercedes Lackey, Owner, High Flight Arts and Letters
Claremore, OK

James Lamb, Attorney, Lamb Law Firm, P.C.
Tulsa, OK

Beth Stetson, Attorney/Owner, Law Office of Beth Stetson
Norman, OK

Linda Wade, President, Sage Advice Consulting
Midwest City, OK

Tricia Gates Arciga, Co-owner, Gil & Trish Landscape LLC
Nehalem, OR

Nancy Bahr, Owner, Found Objects
McMinnville, OR

Bob Browning, Business Consultant, Cascadia-Pacific Services
Forest Grove, OR

Barbara Byram, Partner, Combined Facility Systems
Medford, OR

Juan Calvillo, Owner/Photographer, Juan Calvillo Photography
Oak Grove, OR

John Chadwick, Retired Teacher, WordCrafter Inc.
Portland, OR

Sattie Clark, Founder/President, VOIS Business Alliance
Portland, OR

Helen Dancer, Real estate sales, C21Hart Realty
Milwaukiue, OR

Daniel Davis, Owner, President, D2X Construction LLC/ D2X Associates
Central Point, OR

Alexander de Guzman, Owner, Pureheart Yoga
Portland, OR

Kiko Denzer, Owner, Hand Print Press
Blodgett, OR

Fred Fischer, Dentist, Tualatin Dental Care, PC
Tualatin, OR

Larry Fried, CEO, Natural Choice LLC
Eugene, OR

Mark Gabriel, Owner, Advanced Wellness Center
Portland, OR

Rose Gerstner, Owner, Sympatico Clothing
Jacksonville, OR

Bryan Gilbert, Owner, Gilbert Construction
West Linn, OR

Jim Gilbert, President, Northwoods Nursery Inc.
Molalla, OR

Daniel Greenblatt, Owner, Greenleaf Restaurant
Ashland, OR

Larry Gunn, Human Ecology Center
Eugene, OR

Steve Hanrahan, Owner, Mirador Community Store
Portland, OR

Susan Hebert, President, Susan Hebert Imports
Portland, OR

Jim Houser, Co-owner, Hawthorne Auto Clinic
Portland, OR

Wende Jarman, Owner, Red's Barber Shop
Florence, OR

Hank Keeton, President, Keeton Corporation
Scotts Mills, OR

Mark Kellenbeck, Co-Owner, BrainJoy LLC
Medford, OR

Randy Knop, Owner, Turcotte, Inc.
Union, OR

Mary Ann Koch, Owner, Beads A Million
Salem, OR

Kirk Leonard, Retired, Oregon Natural Products
Salem, OR

Susan Mackenzie, Owner, Susan Mackenzie Interiors
Grants Pass, OR

Kevin Marr, Owner, Motel Del Rogue
Grants Pass, OR

Catherine Matthias, Owner, Stewart Jones Designs
Joseph, OR

Karen McCarthy, Co-Owner, Madras Garden Depot
Madras, OR

Brian McDonald, Owner, Gresham Music
Gresham, OR

Phillip Norman, Owner, Attic Access
Portland, OR

Mitch Rofsky, President, Better World Club
Portland, OR

Irene Saikevych, pathologist, retired
Talent, OR

Kent Searight, President, 3rd Rock Data, Inc.
Portland, OR

Brian Setzler, CPA, TriLibrium
Portland, OR

Denise Sprengelmeyer, Owner, MODERN, LLC
Eugene, OR

Robert Strauss, President, NSA, Inc
Beaverton, OR

Michelle Tiernan, Sales Manager, Salishan Resort
Portland, OR

Anais Tuepker, Cofounder and Chief Research Officer, Preciva Incorporated
Portland, OR

Mary Vogel, Principal, PlanGreen
Portland, OR

Debra Waterston, Owner, Blue River Studio Group
Portland, OR

Laura Weiss, Founder/Owner, GO Box
Portland, OR

Hans-Rudolf Scheller, QS Management, HRS Immob
Rorbas Zurich, ot

Michael Brock, President, DigitalWires Inc.
Saint Marys, PA

Trey Casimir, owner, Trey Casimir Acupuncture & Exercise
Lewisburg, PA

Matthew Cleveland, Owner, Occasions Disc Jockeys
Elizabethtown, PA

Ron Gazze, Owner, Ronald M Gazze DMD
Greensburg, PA

Jordan Henderson, Owner, Soap Alchemy
Monaca, PA

Kathleen Keiper, Owner, DeskTOP Associates
Newtown, PA

Jacob Klein, Co-Manager, Jacob Klein Music
Pittsburgh, PA

Linda Lester, Self-employed
Johnstown, PA

Joseph Magid, President, Gryphon Systems, Inc.
Wynnewood, PA

Gerald Onesi, owner, West Side Auto Repair.
Uniontown, PA

Larry Roba, Owner, Ldr Associates
Emmaus, PA

Craig Silbert, Co-Owner, Bucks County Biscotti Co.
Hilltown, PA

Phillip Williams, Furtive Distributing
Philadelphia, PA

Adrienne Young, M.D., Adrienne M. Young, M.D., LLC
Sewickley, PA

Jim Crotty, Owner, Caliprsurfphotos
Aguada, PR

Kevin Grover, Vice President/Co-Owner, Divorce Resource Center of Rhode Island, LLC
Cranston, RI

Tracy Gross, Owner, A to Z Windshields
Gaston, SC

Frank Knapp Jr., President and CEO, South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce
Columbia, SC

Brian Ahrendt, Member/Owner, Brian T. Ahrendt, Attorney at Law, PLLC
Sioux Falls, SD

Bradford Diehl, Owner/Operator, United Van Lines
Dickson, TN

Joel Duncan, Vice President, Peak Industrial Inc
Chattanooga, TN

Amy Martin, Owner, A J Martin
Nashville, TN

C R Orr, Orr Land Surveying
Sneedville, TN

Mort Walco, CEO Retired, Well Wishers Int'l, Inc
Knoxville, TN

Jason Waldo, Owner, J & V Enterprises
Sweetwater, TN

Malissa Anderson, Owner, EarthWorks Tile Co
Burnet, TX

Jack Bates, Owner/Manager, Jack Bates Land Sales
Waco, TX

Diane Black, Owner, Bookkeeping Service
Houston, TX

Flora Brewer, President, Paulos Properties,LLC
Fort Worth, TX

Martha Eberle, owner, Business for Shared Prosperity
Dripping Springs, TX

Jay Edwards, Member/Manager,
Canyon Lake, TX

Ed Fiedler, owner, Fiedler On the Roof Construction
Austin, TX

Marjory Gentsch, Real Estate Brokerage, Hill Country Green Team LLC
Austin, TX

Nomar Guevara, Conceptual Director, EBRAK Studio, LLC
Flower Mound, TX

Guy Hayes, President, HPES Inc.
Humble, TX

Christy Hitchens, Consultant, G3 Sustainability Partners
Hoyston, TX

Tom Kemper, President & CEO, Dolphin Blue, Inc.
Dallas, TX

Jim Lee, CEO, Hummer Group, Inc.
Uvalde, TX

Christyna Lewis, Founder, BEE Ventures
Houston, TX

Everett Marvin, Founder, Marvin Consulting
Houston, TX

Frank Molina, COO, Akari Energy
Houston, TX

Bernard Mollberg, Owner, Mollberg Piano Restoration, LLC
Blanco, TX

Harrison Saunders, Creative Director, Eco-Logic Design
Austin, TX

Whitney Anna Walker, Owner, Antique Drapery Rod co
Dallas, TX

James Whitworth, CPA, Self employed
Corpus Christi, TX

Fernando Zambra, President, Latwin, Inc
League City, TX

Lawrence Jensen, Owner, Lawrence R. Jensen Attorney at Law
Salt Lake Cty, UT

Preethi Anandula, Owner, Preethi Anandula
St. Louis, VA

Andrew Babler, Owner, Andrew's Apparel Outlet
Herndon, VA

Paul Burke, Writer,
Virginia Beach, VA

Barry Clemson, Owner, Cybernetica Press
Norfolk, VA

Dave Danze, Owner, DNA Corp
Arlington, VA

George Guyan, President, Victory Consulting
White Stone, VA

Susanne Merrill, Owner/President, Equus Therapeutics, Inc.
Afton, VA

Todd Ricks, President, Mechollage, Inc.
Virginia Beach, VA

Alison Bell, Partner, Langrock Sperry & Wool
Burlington, VT

Clarke Comollo, owner, Comollo Antiques
East Dorset, VT

Zach Fried, Owner, Moosewood Consulting LLC
Bennington, VT

Pat Heffernan, President, Marketing Partners, Inc.
Burlington, VT

Rick John, Consultant, R. John & Co
Brattleboro, VT

Kenneth Merritt, Managing Director, Merritt & Merritt
Burlington, VT

Sue Morris, owner, Editide
Marshfield, VT

John Vansant, Principal & CFO, Smith & Vansant Architects PC
Norwich, VT

Sister Alana, Project Manager, Allyis, Inc.
Seattle, WA

Jacqueline Bellows, President, Van Pelt Corbett Bellows
Seattle, WA

Fraser Black, Director, Pioneer Square Investments
Seattle, WA

Joelle Burton, Publisher, Country Pleasures Magazine
Camas, WA

Jerry Chilson, Owner, JKF Chilson, OPALS & MORE
Enumclaw, WA

Susan Daly, Manager, MGL Paints
Friday Harbor, WA

Howard Harrison, Owner, Chinook Compost Tea
Redmond, WA

MarcTwia Horner, Owner, Laughing Two Owls Publishing
Olympia, WA

Robert and Julia Kenny and Glover, Principal, Leaderful Teams Consulting
Clinton, WA

Rick McKenney, Director, Rick McKenney Sustainability Consulting LLC
Seattle, WA

Rodi O'Loane, Partner/Principle, O'Loane Nunn Law Group, PLLC
Everett, WA

Peg Ogle, Owner, Peg Ogle Design
Seattle, WA

Dorene Robinson, Owner, Beyond Diets
Bellevue, WA

Heidi Siegelbaum, President, Calyx Sustainable Tourism
Seattle, WA

John Soderberg, President, Jasco
friday harbor, WA

Michael Spear, Cab Owner/Driver, STITA Taxi #83
SeaTac, WA

Don Stevens, Owner, Columbia Gorge Information Systems
North Bonneville, WA

Rio Thomas, Owner, Season's Gleanings
Everson, WA

Clay Thompson, Owner, Creative Creek, LLC
Camano Island, WA

Janine Vaughn, Owner, Revival Lighting
Spokane, WA

Andrew D. Whitmont, Doctor, Yakima Psychological Services
Yakima, WA

Bruce Wilson, Founder, Co-owner, Formations Design Group, LLC
Vancouver, WA

William Earley, Owner, William Earley & Company, LLC
Racine, WI

Marcia Halligan, Co-Owner, Chrysalis Farm
Viroqua, WI

Victoria Hargis, Owner, WI Page One LLC
Burlington, WI

Justin Harmon, Owner, Justin Harmon
Tomah, WI

Daryle Henderson, Sales Professional, Life Insurance
Green Bay, WI

Sharon Johnson, Proprietor, Johnsons Custom Leathers
Osceola, WI

Laurel Kashinn, CEO/Owner, Write Stuff Resources, LLC
Cedarburg, WI

Gary Lemke, Owner, Gary L. Lemke Landscaping, LLC
Potter, WI

Robert Molthen, Research Professor, Marquette University
Brookfield, WI

Timothy Nott, Co-founder, MobileIgniter
Madison, WI

Corey E. Olsen, Owner, CEO Pipe Organs/Golden Ponds Farm
Delafield, WI

Susan Peterson, Office Manager, Peterson Best Way Realty, LLC
Ridgeway, WI

Laura Stenner, Co-owner, Betty Bling, Inc.
Madison, WI

Paul Tabili, Vice President, New Paradigm Graphics Inc.
Mount Pleasant, WI

Tammara Wolfgram, Owner/Business Manager, Songbird Hills Golf Club
Hartland, WI

Tim Wong, Owner, No Limits Stamps
Madison, WI

Judy Belcher, President, Judy Belcher Designs
St. Albans, WV

Bruce Petersen, Medical Office, Petersen Clinic
Fayetteville, WV

* New signers will be posted regularly. Business or organization for identification purposes.