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Huffington Post: Obama, Romney Tax Plans Propose Unfunded Corporate Rate Cuts

By Zach Carter
Huffington Post, February 22, 2012 

Excerpt: The Obama administration suggested its proposed global minimum corporate tax rate could prevent companies from skirting their tax bills by pushing money into offshore tax havens. But some small-business advocates are concerned that an excessively low global minimum would have the opposite effect.

CNBC: Small Businesses Split on Obama Budget

By with AP, Feb 13, 2012

Excerpt: President Barack Obama's 2013 budget proposal, released today, follows through on some of the promises he made in his State of the Union address last month to help small businesses create more jobs, and reduce barriers to manufacturing in the U.S.

Portfolio: What Obama's 2013 Budget Means for Entrepreneurs

By Kent Hoover
Portfolio/BizJournals  Feb 13 2012

Excerpt: The president’s budget would increase taxes by $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years. Obama once again called for increasing tax rates for households with more than $250,000. That would end “what was intended to be a temporary tax cut for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans,” he said.

“Given where our deficit is, it's just a matter of math that folks like me are going to have to do a little bit more,” he said. ...

CBS News: Many small business owners favor "Buffett rule"

By Alain Sherter 
CBS News, Feb 8 2012

(MoneyWatch) COMMENTARY  The business community is dead-set against raising taxes on the rich, right? Sorry, trick question. It's fallacious to think that there is single, monolithic bloc of company owners and managers out there all singing from the same economic hymnal. 

Greenville News: Poll: Small business owners’ opinions differ from big business concerns

By Jenny Munro
Greenville News (SC), February 9, 2012 

Columbia, SC—A national poll shows the opinions of small business owners differ dramatically from the advocacy of big businesses and multinational corporations.  The results of the national scientific poll were released over the past four weeks by the American Sustainable Business Council, Main Street Alliance and Small Business Majority.  The poll was conducted by Lake Research Partners between December 8, 2011 and January 4, 2012. 

Detroit Lakes Tribune: Bill introduced to cut U.S. tax loopholes

Detroit Lakes Tribune, Feb 8, 2012

With corporate tax rates at their lowest point in decades courtesy of legal tax loopholes, Senators Carl Levin (D-MI) and Kent Conrad (D-ND) have introduced a comprehensive bill to permanently close them and keep much-needed jobs and revenues here in the U.S.

The Daily Reveille: Corporations should pay more taxes, poll says

By Emily Herrington
Louisiana State University Daily Reveille, Feb 8 2012

Louisiana small-business owners say national corporations should pay more taxes.

Most small-business owners across the nation support increasing taxes to millionaires and large corporations, according to a poll conducted by the American Sustainable Business Council, Main Street Alliance and Small Business Majority.

UPI: Poll: Corporations dodge taxes

Poll: Corporations Dodge Taxes
UPI, 2/6/12

Story quotes BSP Tax Policy Director Scott Klinger and business leader Lew Prince. Read here:

InvestorPlace: 10 Worst Countries for Tax Evasion

The U.S. tops the list -- but it's more complicated than that

By Jonathan Berr, Dec 23, 2011

From Washington, D.C., and Brasilia to Moscow and Madrid, the taxman is on a mission to squeeze more revenue from people, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet amid the worst economic slowdown since the Great Depression. He has his work cut out for him. That’s because tax evasion in all its many forms is so pervasive around the world.

New York Times: A Family’s Billions, Artfully Sheltered

By David Kocieniewski
New York Times, Sunday Nov 27, 2011

Excerpt: As he stood in the opulent marble foyer of a Fifth Avenue mansion late last month, greeting the coterie of prominent guests arriving at his private art gallery, Ronald S. Lauder was doing more than just being a gracious host. ...

Think Progress: Average Bush Tax Cut For 1% This Year Will Be Greater Than Average Income Of Other 99%

By Pat Garofalo
Think Progress, Nov 23, 2011

Excerpt: Frank Knapp, vice chairman of the American Sustainable Business Council, added in a statement yesterday, “the high-end Bush tax cuts are a big part of the problem – not the solution…It’s obscene to keep slashing infrastructure and services for everybody on Main Street to keep up tax giveaways for millionaires and multinational corporations.”

Huffington Post: Superfail!

7 Amazing Super Committee Headlines You'll Never See

By Richard (RJ) Eskow
Huffington Post, Nov 21

Excerpt: We keep hearing that "business" wants these cuts, but that's only true for the mega-corporations and billionaires that dominate the Washington conversation. What do the other businesses say, the ones that hire people and help to grow the economy?

Nationally syndicated Op-Ed: Holly Sklar, Repatriation Con Games

By Holly Sklar
Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune News Service, 11/3/11, Updated version distributed by American Forum, 11/8/11
Known placements to date include McClatchy Newspapers, Virginian Pilot, Sacramento Bee, Atlantic City Press, Youngstown Vindicator, Herald (SC), Columbus Telegram, Bellingham Herald, many more

Boston Business Journal: Small-business sympathies for the occupiers

By Julie M. Donnelly
Boston Business Journal, Nov 11, 2011

Excerpt: Joseph Rotella, owner of Spencer Organ Company in Waltham, was in Denver this week to oversee the installation of an organ he restored at an Episcopal cathedral. He took time out for some politics.

“I stopped by the Occupy Denver site,” Rotella said. “A few weeks ago, I was in Seattle and visited the site there, and I’ve been to Occupy Boston a couple of times.”

East Valley Tribune (AZ): Small business needs changes from Congress

East Valley Tribune (AZ)
Letter to the Editor, November 10, 2011

In response to the continuing inability of conservatives in Congress to effectively address the income disparity caused by a tax system designed to protect only the interests of the wealthiest Americans and the largest corporations, small business owners have organized to lobby the ‘Super Congress’ to act in their interests as well.

CNBC: Small Biz Owners Ask Big Business To Pay Fair Share

By Tyler Kingkade, Huffington Post
CNBC, Nov 7, 2011 

WASHINGTON -- Outraged by a new report about America's largest corporations dodging their taxes, small business owners are orchestrating a new campaign to pressure the congressional super committee into delivering a legislative fix.

Business News Daily: Many Large Corporations Avoid Paying US Income Tax

By Jeanette Mulvey, Business News Daily Managing Editor, Nov 7, 2011

While small-business owners say they are struggling to pay their taxes, many large corporations haven't paid any taxes at all during the last few years, according to a report released on Friday (Nov. 3).